1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Autech Version


Factory Autech SR20

Rebuilt 6 speed gearbox

Exedy HD clutch

Battery relocated to boot

Exhaust: 2 1/4” Stainless steel from extractors into 2.5” Polished stainless tips

S15 52

Wheels: RAYS Engineering Nismo LMGT4

Front – 18×9.5+12

Rear – 18×10.5+15

Tyres: Federal 595ss

Front – 215/40/18

Rear – 225/40/18


JDM Aero Skirts

JDM Aero Pods

JDM Aero wing (centre piece cut and filled)

JDM DC2R Integra Front Lip

Powered by Max Coilovers

SPL Pro Toe Arms

Nismo Castor Rods

GKTech Camber Arms

Work RS wheel nuts

Rays LMGT4 centre caps

Thule Roof Racks (Removable)



12 thoughts on “1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Autech Version

  1. Hi Oliver,
    Car looks awesome man, just the simple things makes so much difference.
    Was wondering how you fitted the dc2 lip or did it take much modding?

    • Thanks dude!
      The lip needs a bit of cutting on both ends to it will sit flush with the bar, it’s not quite long enough to go all the way around. Also there are some little half moon bits that go from the mounting piece to the front part of the lip, you need to cut them out so the lip will sit perfectly with the bar.

  2. This exact car would be my dream car. Fucking perfect. I’ll never be able to have one since A) I don’t have money being only 19. B) These cars are super hard to import, especially finding a nice clean one C) An SR will never pass smog in California unless I do some crazy registration shit. I’ve still got the dream of turning my s14 into a clean s14.5 tho. Beautiful car. This will be my wallpaper for a long long time.

  3. Oliver,
    I asked you a question a while back about fitting the Dc2 splitter.
    Anyway long story short, I’m the guy who helps Matt out with his 1J Cressida at Winton. Small world eh 😀

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