S15 – New Shoes

I thought it would be nice for a change on the S15 so spent a little bit of time making some changes in the wheel department. The new look is a little less aggressive but personally I think they look just as nice as the LMGT4’s.

Previously when I had the Nismo wheels on, they sat out past the guards quite a bit, which I admit I really liked but the TE37’s are a little more subtle.

The old wheel specs were 18×10.5+15 rear and 18×9.5+12 front, they now sit at 18×9.5+22 rear and 17×9+15 front. For now the car is borrowing the wheels from my 180sx until I decide if I like them or not. Would like to lower it just a little bit more, but I’ll wait a little longer and see if I’m happy with how they look, then down it goes!

And this is how the LMGT4’s sit on the front of the 180sx, think the colours work really well together. Might run them for a drift day and see how they go.


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