RB26 S13 – Subframe Overhaul Part 1

Yesterday was spent pulling down the subframe and getting rid of the old bushes in the RB26 S13. Plan is to completely strip it, rub it back and paint it. Then by the time my new suspension arms arrive along with the new solid bushes, it will all get put together and refitted to the car. Click through to see how the afternoon went.

I got home from work and had about 5 hours of daylight left so got straight into it. Moved a couple cars forward so there was enough room to work, brought out everything I needed as well as a couple new toys I picked up the day before.

Getting the subframe down was a little harder than I thought seeing how the car has no diff in there at the moment. This meant I had to put the jack further forward than what I wanted to get it down. Luckily all went well and it came down safe and in one piece, but not looking too pretty.

So next up came the annoying and time consuming part, taking out the factory bushes. These things are big rubber bushes with a thick metal sleeve in the centre and best way to get them out is by using an electric saw of some kind. You may need more than one though, the blades tend to break quite a bit. Here’s what I had to deal with over the next hour.

They can be extremely hard to get out if you don’t have the right tools, but if you are lucky enough to have everything you need then this part should be a breeze.

After all the little metal grommets had been popped out from cutting and bashing with the hammer, the hard part was over and was time for the fun part. Time to introduce this beautiful little toy.

Tiny propane tank I picked up at a hardware store for $25! All I can say is that if I ever have to do this again, I’ll be buying another one of these for sure. Makes the job so much easier and saves the hassle of sitting there for hours scratching away all the rubber.

That’s all for part 1, keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon where it’s getting some paint and put back into the car. Also, this weekend, the 21st I’ll have some coverage on a drift day at Eastern Creek, the S15 will be out for a bit of fun so come say hi if you see me!


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