S15 – Worst Nightmare

The past week has been pretty difficult, hence the lack of posts. Last saturday the 21st, I headed out to Eastern Creek for a wet pan day being run by Driftmob. Super excited to get some good runs and some close tandems happening, but what I didn’t expect was how I’d end up leaving later that afternoon, or how the car would end up looking.

Read on for the whole story.

A couple days before the wet pan day I went up to my local Sign-A-Rama to see if I could get a sticker made up for my back window. Went through a few designs and decided on one that would fit what I wanted perfectly and had it cut out in a really bright lime green. It Took about 10 minutes which was awesome to watch and I couldn’t be more happy with it.

I came home, gave the car a wash and put it on. The green is exceptionally bright and the design goes well with my other stickers so all worked out pretty good.

Friday afternoon was spent going over the car and packing it with all my stuff for the next day. Tools, wheels and a jack can be pretty heavy when it’s all loaded up together which meant because of my minimal tyre/guard gap the car was rubbing the whole way to the track, which is actually pretty funny to see, especially when your on the highway with little rubber pieces flying off the rear quarters. The day had just started and the ride there was awesome, met up with a mate to get fuel and headed off the next 20km to the track.

Got to the track and unloaded, signed on, did drivers briefing, all the usual stuff and then lined up with an awesome group. Justin and his S14, Matt with his red 32 and Dave in his black 32. All these guys have crazy elements with their cars, all running big kits, big wheels and some crazy low. Justin’s car is intensely low and the VS-XX on the car look sweet, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Matt’s 32 has the biggest exhaust pipes I’ve ever seen before and the wing on his 32 is just awesome. Dave’s car, running same BN kit as Matt, looked awesome out on track all day.

Justin’s S14

Matt’s R32

Dave’s R32

We had a few runs together but eventually got split up and I started having some runs with other friends. I’ll be uploading a video to my vimeo page over the next week so keep an eye out for it.

I did about 3 or 4 runs with Trevor and his Sprinter and had an awesome time. I’ve always had a soft spot for sprinters and 4AGE’s, maybe one day I’ll end up owning one.

After about my 6th run or so, we had a little bit of an oops. Trev and me went out for a tandem run and after a few laps, it all went wrong. Everything went through my head a million times and all the hours of work I’d put into the car went through my mind over and over, then I realised what had happened.

My S15 was broken. Beaten up pretty bad but not totally wrecked, with some hard work and lots of time it can hopefully be brought back to its former glory days, but for now, it is not looking too great.

This is where everything changed for me, no more taking the S15 out to the track for tandems, no more all out drift days and no more big risks in the car that I use as a daily. This is what my 180sx and S13 are for, to be used as track cars and take whatever battle scars come with the occupation. That is what I built the cars to do and for any future meets, the S15 will only be a spectator. Until I’m finished with the RB26 S13, my drifting days are on hold. From here on I have to look past what’s happened and onto the better things that are planned for this year. The RB26 S13 build is at a stand still for now until the S15 is back and looking normal, but once that’s done, full speed ahead. All my suspension parts will be ordered, things will be painted and it will go in for some serious engine work.

For now, my main focus is to get the S15 back to being presentable. Long road ahead.


2 thoughts on “S15 – Worst Nightmare

    • It’s all back together and looking sweet again so don’t stress! Your car is amazing, been following it for quite a while now. Keep up the good work.

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