RB26 S13 – Subframe Overhaul Part 2

A few weeks have passed since I pulled out the subframe in the RB26 S13 and it has since been painted and re-fitted. So to continue on from where I finished up part 1, here is part 2 of the whole subframe overhaul.

After burning away all of the big leftover rubber from the bushes, I used a wire brush attachment for my drill to get rid of the tiny little bits still stuck to the subframe. It was time consuming but came out with a pretty decent result and along with removing the rubber, it scraped away all of the 20 year old paint so that made it easier for the new batch of paint to stick.

An hour had passed and all four mounting points were clean of rubber and back to bare metal. Time for some paint!

I bought some good stuff from Bunnings a little while back when I was building an awning to cover the S15. Simple rust proof coating in white which acts as a paint overlay as well. I’d also bought some coloured paint but because of the timing and my current situation with the S15 crash I decided to go for the rust proof paint now and get it back in the car as soon as possible. When I have all the new suspension bits ready to go in the car along with some new solid subframe bushes, it will come down again and get a good hit of colour.

First off was to paint the mounting points and let it dry.

Gave it a few hours, rubbed it clean and did the whole thing top and bottom. Turned out pretty good and I’m happy with it for now.

Once the new arms arrive, things will get really crazy. Depending on costs of fixing the S15, I may be ordering my suspension bits soon. Knuckles are decided, as are coilovers, just need to 100% decide on arms.

Can’t wait!


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