Good Memories

I’ve had some big changes in my setup over the past week and some long awaited news as well.

A couple days ago I sold my blue S13 so I can keep moving forward with other builds. This was the first car I learnt to drive and drift in and has been such an awesome car. We had some big issues and some little ones over the past 18 months but that never really bothered me a whole lot. Seeing my driveway with no blue s13 in there is a little sad but it has made way for me to finish off my 180sx and get moving faster on the RB26 S13.

I had some very big plans for the car but money and time was limiting me and I’m very keen to get back out on track in the 180sx. I haven’t been out drifting in the 180sx since February 25th last year when I blew up the motor, so It’s been over a year since I’ve had some decent 3rd gear sliding.

This picture was taken at the end of 2010 on christmas day when it was in it’s prime.

I drove the car like that everywhere, getting weird looks and stupid comments especially because of the L plates on the back. I was always being asked, why are you driving ‘that thing’ on your L plates, why didn’t you get a normal car. To me the car was normal, but in other ways it was different because of the things your everyday camry couldn’t do.

This was the last time I had it out of the garage while still owning it. Now it’s in a temporary spot until the new owner takes it back with him to Queensland.

Maybe one day I’ll end up buying it back and finishing it off how I wanted to. For now, the 180sx and RB26 S13 are about to empty my bank account and my house might be flooded with all kinds of stuff in the coming weeks.

Hope it gets taken care of and finished off properly.


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