S15 – Back in Business!

The S15 has been home for a week now and everything is back to normal. But it will be getting one new addition that I’ll be fitting up soon that will change the overall look of it. Check out the whole story below.

The last mod I did to this car was fitting some side skirts back in september last year. Ever since then I’ve been on the hunt for the final piece of the puzzle and I’ve finally found that piece.

I picked up this beauty for a sweet price on the auctions in Japan and had it shipped over to me by the legend himself, Jesse Streeter. I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve bought from Japan through Jesse and every time it’s a breeze. If you’re keen on getting anything from Japan then get onto him – jessestreeter.com

And here’s the new addition to the car. Been a long time coming but now I’m one major step closer to finishing off my list completely for the S15. A couple more little touches and I don’t think I’ll be able to think of anything else!

My plan is to have the centre piece chopped out, filled in and then have the wing painted to match the car. Once this is done, I’ll be fitting up my new Powered by Max coilovers, lowering the rear a little bit more and trying to perfect the height and alignment setup.

Although, it will have to wait a couple weeks because this coming thursday I’m heading to Melbourne for the Australian F1 Grand Prix! Super excited to head down for an intense weekend of fast cars, crazy racing and some partying!

Check back soon for updates on the trip to Melbourne!


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