Melbourne F1GP 2012 – Part 1

My awesome weekend of Formula one cars, lots of women and some sick pizza is now finished so it’s back to my daily routine until I figure out a way to spend a heap of money on another crazy trip! I’ll be splitting up the story into a few posts so keep an eye on the blog for all the updates. Read on for part 1.

Our trip started on Thursday morning at 4am. I was heading down with my mate Alex and this was the first time I’d been on a holiday since 2005 so you can imagine how excited I was. Woke up, had breakfast and suited up ready for a 6:30am flight. At this point it was still pitch black at the airport but it’s suprising how many people get flights at that time, the airport was packed!

By the time we had gone through the baggage drop off and the metal scanner it was about 6am so we headed down to our waiting area, which was all the way at the other end of the airport. Here’s the little beast that we were going to be flying on, same colour as my S15 too.

We had a few delays on the flight and landed just before 9am which was a shame because there was a VIP pit walk we wanted to go to at 9:30am. Instead hit up the hotel to see if we could get into our room. A note for anyone going to Melbourne, if you need a place to stay, go to Crown Promenade, easily the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to.

View from our room was epic.

By the time we had changed and unpacked in the room it was 11am so thought it would be a good idea to go to the track and see what was happening for the day and only being thursday, there were no F1’s out on track. But that wasn’t an issue, the GP organisers made up for it in the form of this –

I couldn’t keep my eyes off this GTR. One day I’ll end up owning one of these, but that day might not be for at least 5 years. Then I’d have to choose between one of these and my S15, which wouldn’t be easy!

We also found Mad Mike’s new car which was looking very clean and brand new, until he drove it. More on that later. I had a chat with Mike and he’s coming back to WTAC this year but instead of the Rx7, the Formula D Rx8 will be coming along so I’m keen to see how that goes up against the rest of the field. I think that will be a lot different to this little beast, which from what I was told, has 160kw and a retail price of $41,000. I think I’ll stick with my GTR dream.

The second pit walk was starting at 3pm so we lined up and waited for that to start. Words cannot describe how awesome it was to be so close to these cars so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

We walked through the pits for about an hour and it was just after 4pm so thought it was a good idea to head back to the hotel. My legs were smashed from all the walking we did. Total distance walked for day 1 would have been at least 15km and it definitely felt like that much. Headed back to the hotel and had a little rest until heading out for dinner later.

Alex said we should go down through Southbank and get some food so we walked through the Crown Casino which had this intensely crazy lobby with fountains and lights in the ceiling. I really wish my bedroom looked like this.

We ended up grabbing Subway for dinner and then back to the hotel for a late night watching Spongebob.

So the first day was done and so far everything was sick, next up was friday and practise time for the F1’s. Part 2 of the trip will be up in another post soon so stay tuned, in the meantime check out some more pictures and news here.


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