180sx – Big Update

I haven’t had many updates on my 180sx in quite a while so it’s time that I did something about that. Track time is getting closer and everything is starting to come together with the car for once. Whole story below.

I haven’t driven my 180sx since February 25th last year. That was the night I destroyed the motor. A few months later a new motor was built and the hope of driving it again was building up, but it wasn’t going to be that easy. To cut a long story short, things never went right for me and this car. It had troubles at the tuners and my new built motor ended up being nothing more than a loud rattling noise. This was the end of it and at the time I was sick of having troubles with the car so it went into the garage and sat for a while until I decided what to do.

So things happened, lots of time passed and this is what I’ve decided. CA out, SR in with a few juicy bolt ons to help it try and make ~280kw. I’m going to set myself a deadline of mid October, that way I can try and make it to Winton Matsuri for the first time.

I’ve got the SR ready, all I need to do is pick up a new GTX3071R, new radiator, some cams, a new intercooler setup and have a think about what manifold to run, wether it’s a high mount or low mount. Always wanted to have a high mount SR so might go ahead with that. Then it’s down to some ECU thinking and then the worst thing about building a car, the wiring.

Really excited to get the car out of this long drought of zero track time and back out to doing what it does best. But this doesn’t mean things on the RB26 S13 will come to a halt, that’s still #1 in my mind for this year, but while I’m doing that I want to get back out in the 180 and enjoy it.

2012 is shaping up to be a pretty intense year.


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