Melbourne F1GP 2012 – Part 2

Here is part 2 of my Melbourne F1 trip, a little delayed but I promise the wait is definitely worth it.

Friday morning started out with some epic backflips and crazy aerial stuff from the Crusty Demon guys. Watching these guys ride around made me want to never get on a motorbike, ever. I couldn’t imagine stacking it on one of those things, especially while trying to do an insane trick like a backflip. I think I’d struggle just doing a wheelie.

After watching the bikes for a bit, we went for a walk and found the car show area, including this weird little thing. I had no idea what sort of car it was but man it was super slammed! Whoever owns this thing definitely knows how to roll in style, completely tucking wheel, JDM guys can’t keep up with this guy for tuck!

Also found a pair of mustangs a little way down, both in red and looking immaculate. My dad used to own a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang when I was younger so I have a soft spot for these things. Probably one of the very few v8 American muscle cars I’d ever own, but for now I’ll stick with my JDM garage.

Just opposite the pair of mustangs, there was some crazy eye candy which I couldn’t keep my eyes off. Although, I don’t think anybody else would be able to either. I don’t think this photo needs any captions.

Our grandstand was a 5 minute walk from the Monster girls and practise 1 was about to start so we headed up and got some good seats. This was the first time I’d heard an F1 car in the flesh in quite a while so wasn’t prepared for loud they were and as a result of that, I think I may only have about 70% hearing now. We were on turn 9 for the whole day and the amount of people that almost came off was ridiculous. The most unlucky one of course had to be Massa, whose luck just keeps getting worse as the years go by. He spun out into the gravel pit right in front of us and was beached. When they lifted the car off the track I wanted to get some pictures of the car but it was like trying to get through a crowd at a Metallica concert. There was easily 60 or so people crowded around the fence, trying to get as close as possible to the car, couldn’t get any good pictures unfortunately but it was still pretty cool seeing one that close.

After the first practise was over, we headed over to the pepsi area where there was lots of old Group A cars and Pepsi girls of course.

Here’s a bit of technology I absolutely love. To me the sound of it is as good as an F1, looks as cool as an F1 engine and is capable of some big power, like the F1’s. But I guess the reason I love it so much is that I can relate to it, because I have one in my car.

The legendary Winfield R32 GTR. This car isn’t a power monster but does has a very respectful history. Banned from the category it was in for being too fast, that pretty much sums it up for our Australian V8 Supercars series. I doubt any of today’s V8 supercars could keep up with any GTR, hence why I think they are so good. But this car wasn’t awesome just for it’s history, check out the fuel setup in the boot! I don’t even know where to start!

Across from the GTR, we saw a shiny silver thing, turned out to be the 2010 McLaren car. Even though it is a couple years old, to me this is one of the best looking F1 cars ever made. The aero on the car is beautifully designed, whereas this year the entire grid of cars look like they are made of lego. If we could go back to 2010, I would have done anything to be able to drive this McLaren, but I guess so would a lot of people.

After the McLaren we headed back for practise 2. It was a bit slow and it started to rain a bit so we tried to find some shelter from it, ended up hanging with some of the lotus girls under some cover. Good times. The session went by pretty fast so we headed back to the pepsi area to check out some more of the cars where we saw this massive tank with some army dudes in front of it. I got a little scared.

After walking what felt like 20km’s we got to the pepsi area and a couple doors down from the McLaren car was the Pepsi Max stand which meant more promo girls! Yay! We checked it out for a bit, had a little chat to some of the girls and took a few photos, here’s one for now.

I’ll leave it at that, but next post I’ll run through a challenge I set for myself on qualifying day. Challenge was, get as many photos as possible with promo girls! That shall come in part 3, which I promise won’t take me a full month to put up! This was a little delayed due to work hours and not having much free time, but there will be lots of posts to come in the next month or so, including a photoshoot I had for my S15.

Stay Classy people!


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