My 20th

Just over a week ago I had a little party for my 20th birthday.

Invited a few close friends over for a BBQ and to watch some drifting. Started out with about 30 sausages or so between the 5 of us, Brad ended up eating most of them, crazy fat kid! We were setup in my driveway so that meant both the 180sx and S15 were moved out for hard park purposes and some eye candy for people walking through my street. I can’t wait until I’m back out on track in my 180, it’s been a very long time since I was driving something built for drifting.

Shaun brought over Wreck Em’ 2 so after a few hours of Matty telling us how good RB20’s are and Jimmy being jealous of my car, we headed inside for a bit of drifting madness.

Wreck Em’ was pretty good, a little short but still some very good footage in there. Maybe next one I might have a car that is good enough to get into the video.

After that we put on some Forza, everyone was trying to be amazing going for some big angle and speed ultimately spinning out on every corner. I got the controller, jaws dropped to the floor, 4th gear entries happened and boss mode was achieved. Nobody wanted to play after that.

Overall it was a sick night, definitely need to have some of these nights more often, maybe next one I’ll have the Outsiders DVD from Driftworks!


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