S15 – Crisp HD

I had a photoshoot for my S15 a couple weeks ago, so here’s a rundown of how it went.

One morning I came home from work and checked out my blog page and saw I had a new message. A young dude named Brad who lives about a minute from my work said he would love to take some shots of my car as he always sees me driving past and loves it. Brad calls it a ‘bucket of froth’, his actual words.

We met up at the top of our local carpark in Cronulla around 4:30 so we were a little early for the sunset which made for an awesome spot.

This kid has some skills, I’ve got a little urge to go and get a good camera now but I won’t be able to spend anything on my cars! Brad told me his camera alone is worth about $2,000 and the lens he was using cost him $1,000! For someone who has no idea about camera’s (me) I was pretty amazed but he was telling me people pay ten times that amount for some of the top lenses. Up towards $25,000 for one lens, that’s more than buying an S15! Maybe I’ll just stick with my good old iPhone, not amazing at taking photos but puts out a decent one every now and then.

We will definitely be doing a few more photo sessions in the future which I’m very excited for. A few little touches to the car and then another shoot to show it off sounds good.



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