RB26 S13 – Suspension Party

Money was well spent over the weekend, this time in the form of some very chunky and mean looking suspension arms.

My choice of suspension for the S13 was a hard one especially having so many great brands to choose from. I made the decision to go with SPL arms for a few reasons. Not only are they very thick arms but unlike a lot of other arms on the market, they have the adjuster on one side only. In my opinion, the idea of having the single adjuster is great. This way the arms can be adjusted to have the equal amount on both passenger side and driver side of the car.

I got the arms through Pete from JDM Obsession and the service was great, so if you want some SPL arms, he is the man to talk to.

I’m looking forward to getting them in the car along with my Powered by Max subframe bushes and Nismo 2-way diff. Soon the subframe will come down again, receive a fresh coat of paint and go back in filled with some new goodies!


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