Melbourne F1GP 2012 – Part 3

Qualifying day writeup is ready to go so here it is. Check it out.

I woke up pretty late on saturday, so missed a little bit of the morning stuff at the track. It was mainly just promotional things and races for some of the lower categories. There were the Porsche cup cars, V8 super cars, Formula Ford, some historics and the Renault challenge which Mad Mike was driving in. But his race wasn’t until just after lunch, which ended up turning the brand new renault from an immaculate car into a piece of scrap filled with dents and missing panels. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

First off we went into the Ferrari section and found about 60 blood red monsters. There were a few 458 italia’s which I couldn’t stop staring at, most of the others were just your average ferrari that you see here and there.

But, there was a pair of F40’s which were amazing.

Q1 was just about to start so we went over to the grandstand next to the monster girls. I think by this time my ears were already bleeding, mainly because they are so ridiculously loud it hurts. But if I had an F1 car all to myself, I wouldn’t care about my ears, revs would climb to 18,000 and excitement level would go through the roof.

But dreams are free.

After 20 minutes of pain watching the F1’s go past we went over to the renault stand where they had a simulator setup of the track. There was a competition to see who could do the fastest lap and the prize was 2 tickets to the Red Bull after party on the sunday night. So I thought If women were going to flock to one spot, it would definitely be that after party! I got in line, waited about half an hour then jumped into the seat and smashed down a couple laps. I ended up 13th out of about 8,000 people that drove over the weekend so pretty proud of that. It was pretty funny watching some of the other people drive. Nearly everybody was hitting the wall and wrecking the car, I’d hardly call it driving.

And for being such an awesome driver I got a photo with this chick.

She was nice.

Which brings me to that challenge I spoke about in Part 2 (its HERE if you missed it). It was to get as many pictures as possible taken with promo girls in one day. So lets begin!

Bundaberg girls – Win.

Qantas – Win. (expected better but still good)

Definitely win. (words cannot describe the amount of awesomeness in this photo)

More win from James Boag.

Even more! (no idea who these girls were with)

Finally my favourite, the pepsi girls, they were really nice.

And kinda exposed too, but I’m not complaining.

So if I still have your attention I’ll continue on to my meeting with Mike Whiddett, the L plater dude driving the Renualt from NZ. He was given a brand new $40k Megane RS250 to haul around the track with a bunch of other motorsport celebrities and in true Mad Mike form he brought it back looking like his Rx7. Headlight gone, windshield cracked, front bar mangled, wheels scratched and stone chips all over the thing. It was hilarious watching him drive it, he actually pulled a skid into the first turn which made a great shot for the spectators.

I had a quick talk to him about cars and drifting and if he was coming back to World time Attack, with which he told me the Rx8 would be coming along this time to compete so that should be a little different to the flame throwing dragon he brought last year. I showed him a picture of my RB26 S13, I think he might have been jealous, but maybe I’m just dreaming again. Mad person to talk to, but he’s super short!


Can’t wait to see him at WTAC again.

Q2 and Q3 went by pretty quick and because I had my eyes glued to the cars going past I didn’t manage to get any photos of them. Lots of small video clips but no pics unfortunately. Qualifying ended up with Hamilton taking pole position, Button taking starting from 2nd and Roman Grosjean sitting in 3rd on the grid. I’m actually surprised that Grosjean is an underrated driver, this year he has been doing pretty well and has been quite consistent. Maybe he can stay with Renault and go for a few wins throughout the year.

The fourth and final part of the trip will be coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned, but if you’re looking for more promo girl action there probably won’t be any, I used up all my mojo on the saturday to try and reel in as many as possible.

Pretty solid effort on my part I think.

Thanks for reading!


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