Wakefield Matsuri 2012

A few weekends ago I went to Wakefield with a few friends for their drift matsuri. The weekend involved a heap of drifting, a bunch of drunk dudes at a pub and this one epic guy we met named Jim. Full story below.

Dave met me at my place at about 8am Friday morning to grab my trailer and head over to Chris’ so we could load up the cars. A few weeks prior to Matsuri, both Chris and Dave had resprayed their cars in satin black to match each other and I have to say they came out really good. I had a chat to Chris about painting my S13 this same colour and everything was a positive so hopefully sometime this year I will have the car over at his place for a bit of colour!

We headed off at about 1pm on the way to Wakefield. Stopped for a bit of food on the way, which admittedly I thought was garbage.

Got to Goulburn just after 4pm and stopped off in a little town called Taralga which had population of about 100. We went to the local pub just for a bit of a rest and I think over 4 hours we saw 2 cars drive past, so that gives you an idea on how deserted it is.

Chris has a place just outside town which was in the middle of nowhere and unfortunately it was on an unpaved dirt road, so that meant both cars were extremely filthy once we got there.

Next morning, woke up at about 6am and headed off to get some breakfast in Goulburn and this is how the cars turned out when the sun came up.

So a bit dirty but it wasn’t a problem, a full weekend of drifting and dirt drops were planned ahead.

And my breakfast was crap.

We got to the track just after 8am and the lineup was gradually growing. To add to the painful waiting, the guys at the gate took forever to let each person in which was super frustrating.

Finally got inside and got the cars off the trailer ready for scrutineering which took a whole heap of time out of the morning.

By about 11am the Matsuri guys were let out on track to start warming up. So far this is the only pic I’ve found of the cars actually drifting, shame there weren’t many photographers around. This one is from Krista at Kinetic Imagery.

Towards the end of Saturday I hopped in for a few rides in both cars and also hopped in with a couple other mates over the afternoon. Didn’t get a chance to get many shots of the cars out on track mainly because I was riding shotgun for most of it.

We got called in just before 5pm and the day was all done so the cars were locked up in the garages and we headed back to Chris’ place for some drinks and to watch the videos of the day.

Sunday was an early start again, sort of. We meant to wake up at 6am but instead didn’t get out of bed until 9am so were a little late.

Got to the track just after the first matsuri session and the first thing I spotted was this mint AE86 sitting a few garages down from ours.

Unlocked the garages and powered up the cars, ready to head out for the first session. Dave on the left and Chris on the right, both SR powered.

So after they headed out to track I went for a walk through the pit garages and found this awesome 180sx. For a second I thought somebody had stolen my car and put an RB25 into it! Exactly the same colour as mine and same roll cage as well! Even had a pretty similar exhaust to mine. Sounded pretty mean out on track.

I also think I need to get a decent camera so I can start taking some shots of everyones car rather than standing around watching/helping.

The day ended good with both the guys happy with their runs but Chris was having major clutch issues and Dave had some problems with a cooler pipe popping off constantly. Other than those little things the weekend was pretty good.

Loaded up and headed back to Chris’ place for another night watching movies and pizza. But before that we went to Turalga again and checked out the pub where things got pretty crazy and hilarious. I think we spent about 5 hours there playing pool and eating. I ended up eating about 10kg’s worth of food which included an amazing ham and cheese pizza. For a tiny rural town, Turalga can sure be a whole heap of fun.

Everyone had a sick time and plans for the next one are already underway but this time it won’t be Wakefield, instead it will be Winton.

And my car will be there. More on that later.


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