S15 – New Setup

I got around to doing my new coilover and arm install last week and the result was amazing, I couldn’t be happier. Full story below.

Mission for the day was to get my old coilovers out and replace them with my brand new Powered by Max ones. While doing that I was going to replace my toe arms with some SPL arms. If you remember, I bought some SPL arms for my RB26 S13 a little while back, well I also bought some toe arms for my S15 because my passenger side one was bent.

So to start off, the factory toe arms came out of the car which surprisingly took no time at all. But, there was a casualty unfortunately.

That spanner has been in my tool box in a set for about 6 years so I think it’s done it’s job. Plus I bought some new Sidchrome spanners a couple months back anyway so it’s not a major issue.

I lined up the OEM arms next to the SPL ones and had a look at the difference. Compared to the new arms, the OEM ones look so old and outdated.

So I threw in both toe arms and then got to work on the coilovers. While the car was on stands I pulled out the old coils and started measuring up the length and differences of them compared to my Powered by Max stuff.

I easily had about 70mm of difference between the old rears and the new ones which meant the car was going to be sitting exactly how I wanted it!

So the rears went in and I dropped it back down.

Next up, fronts!

They came down pretty easy, started measuring up differences and trying to figure out the lengths so I could sit it where I wanted it. It’s amazing how much lower the PBM’s sit, especially when they are one of the cheapest coilovers on the market.

Fronts were in, put the wheels back on and dropped it down. Here’s how it turned out.

And here’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for so long now. Finally dropped the rear down much further so it’s tucking a heap more tyre now. A little while back I changed my rear tyres from a 235/40 to a 225/40 so I could have a bit more stretch and clearance to the guard. Believe it or not, it actually doesn’t rub so I think it turned out perfectly!

So much lower.

So after a bit of setup and tests the car is exactly how I want it. The only thing I need to do is get some new camber arms because I’ve lowered it down to the point where my current camber arms are about to bash up on the chassis which isn’t something I want. So next up on the list is some new camber arms and then I just need to fit up the wing and I think I’ll be pretty much finished with my S15.

Keep an eye on upcoming things too because my 180sx has made it’s way over to my engine builder for some serious work and the RB26 S13 heads off for some cage work in a weeks time! The next 6 months are going to be intense.


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