Melbourne F1GP 2012 – Part 4

Here is the 4th and final part of my trip to Melbourne for the F1. Enjoy.

We woke up a bit late and stumbled over to the bus station to get a ride to the track. Considering I was still half asleep I was hoping Melbourne traffic was going to be quiet and easy on my head but I was woken up by this thing of beauty sitting at the lights. Even though it was loud and crazy and the pain in my head was horrible from lack of sleep, I couldn’t resist looking.

The 458 is the ONLY Ferrari I would ever want to buy, unless it’s an F40 Comp version but the chances of finding one of those is like trying to get 4 women into bed at the same time, so it’s a bit difficult.

Speaking of super cars, here’s another beast I saw while walking through the paddock. From what I heard/read this was, at the time, the only Mclaren MP412-C in Australia. I know now that it’s not the only one anymore because there is another one getting around in Sydney that I saw a few weeks ago. The other cool thing is that this one is from Sydney as well, guess that means Sydney is full of rich people. Me not included, I’m pretty much broke 24/7!

I also saw a familiar sight when we were on the way to our grandstand. A redtop SR out of an S13! But it wasn’t in an S13..

It was in this… Thing?

No idea what it is but huge respect for putting a Nissan motor into it. I thought the first thing that pops into an Aussie Bogan’s head is ‘yeh put a V8 into it’ but this guy has some taste. Plus who doesn’t love turbo over n/a?

The showcase before the race was awesome. We had some stunt planes flying around for a while doing flips, rolls and all round being crazy.

Then we had an F18 Hornet fly past with afterburners blasting and nearly destroying my hearing ability at the time. That was definitely a highlight of my weekend because ever since I was 8, much like millions of others, I wanted to be a jet pilot.

After the F18 had headed back to base (wherever that is), we had the annual Qantas flyover. To sum it up, Big huge massive plane flying low while people watch in awe.

At one point it looked like he stalled because of how sharp he was taking his turns but all was sweet and the race was ready to go.

Here’s an idea of the seating we were in. Pretty ruthless considering this was meant to be the best grandstand at the whole event, apart from the VIP stand but that’s only for big money people with cool things like cool cars. My car is kinda cool though, maybe I can turn up and see if I get in?

As usual I didn’t take many photos of the cars, mainly because they flew past faster than what my camera could take a photo. As mentioned in a previous post, I think I need to invest in a good camera. The race went for just over 90 minutes with Button (one of my favourites) winning, followed by Vettel and Hamilton. There were quite a few crashes as well, including Grosjean and Hulkenberg who didn’t make it past the first few laps. A couple others had to retire due to failures or damages in crashes but the worst of all was Maldonaldo. I feel kinda sorry for him, seeing how the race was 58 laps, on his very last lap he took a corner way too hard trying to catch someone and totalled the Williams into the wall. On the last lap!

After everyone had come into the pits the whole grandstand jumped the fence like they always do and headed down to the pit area to see if we could get some good photos and watch the presentation. This is the absolute best photo I could get considering I was getting squashed by about 10 people.

Shame about the big pole being in the way though.

So that was the whole F1 event done for 2012. We headed off and walked through Port Melbourne wondering what we could get for dinner, even though it was sunday night and nothing was open. I did spot this awesome crayon drawing of Ayrton Senna that a young guy had done.

Amazing what Melbourne has to offer, rather than going out in Sydney and all you get is a lot of drunk people and cops everywhere.

We ended up having Subway because the place we wanted to get pizza was closed! Later that night we went to a mad strip club for a bit of fun (and to waste a heap of money). Started about 7pm and didn’t leave until 2am having spent nearly a week’s worth of pay! It was a pretty unforgettable night though.

Next morning was monday and the flight home, we packed up and hung around the area for a bit. Our flight was leaving just after lunchtime and lucky it was only an hour flight because I hate aeroplane food.

I had a friend from work come and pick us up when we arrived in Sydney mainly because we spent all our money at the strip club the night before so couldn’t afford a taxi. I basically got home, greeted my car, walked inside, opened up my suitcase and poured it upside down. Then went to sleep.

The whole trip was awesome and can’t wait for my next one. Every night was filled with goodness, including that amazing pizza. I think next year, instead of flying down, I’ll drive the S15 down there for a big roadtrip.

Thanks for reading all four parts, if you did, and keep an eye on the blog for more upcoming news!


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