S15 – Vantage Photoshoot

A few months ago I had a photoshoot with a friend named Elmo, yes his name is Elmo, uber cool. We did a photoshoot at a few places across Sydney for his photography page Vantage. Here’s a rundown of the day.

Elmo contacted me through my blog at the start of this year having found me through JDMST. He had originally seen the car at All Japan Day last november and loved it. After a few months of searching, contact was made and we were talking through emails. Elmo had said he was interested in photography and might be keen on doing some photos sometime and I loved the idea. So we set up a time and a place to meet for the shoot.

There is a very skinny one way street close to the city where quite a lot of photoshoots are done, Elmo thought it might suit my car though so we headed over to it. Lots of graffiti on the wall and no cars around seemed like a good setup.

One thing that has bugged me quite a bit about Sydney, well Australia in general actually, is that our registration plates are ridiculously huge! The people who run our road system didn’t take japanese cars into consideration when designing number plates. My rear license plate is currently bent at both ends so I can fit it into the gap and even then I’m worried it will scratch my rear bar. Maybe I need to spend a bit of money and get a different plate, no custom words or anything like that, just a shorter one will be nice.

Always loved a big ass.

After a few shots at Mays Lane, we moved over to Tempe to a big car park at the back of Ikea. This was right next to the airport so planes were flying overhead constantly. There was also a container yard behind us which made for a nice backdrop.

Here’s one of my favourite shots of the whole shoot, mainly because I love how the car looks from this angle. A tiny bit of poke visible, aero pods and some straight pipe goodness.

After Tempe we headed down to my area (Cronulla) alongside the beach for a few quick snaps. Quite a few looks were had, both positive and weird, mainly old people walking past wondering what the car was!

Then it was time for the main event. I had planned on doing this for a little while and had spoken to Elmo about the possibility of doing it when he came down for the shoot. There is a big area in Cronulla that has a driveway and a long path leading down to the beach, but it isn’t a public road. It’s only allowed to be accessed by authorised vans making deliveries for restaurants and hotels so going through there and parking up was a little on the shifty side. But, the only thing I thought would happen is be asked to leave or be fined, so we took the chance to get down there, parked up the car and got some of the best shots to date that I’ve seen of the car.

This has to be my current #1 shot of the car. It has everything, amazing backdrop, good angle and some great lighting. It took a really long time to get this exact shot as we had to set the shutter speed to 40 seconds so it could get as much light as possible. I don’t think this picture could have gotten any better though, I’m very happy with the turnout.

Thanks to Elmo for the whole day, it was great fun and the pictures came out great. I’ve already started organising a second one with him when I have finished up a couple more things.

Don’t forget to check out his photography page – Vantage

I’ll also have all of these and more photos on my own Facebook page here – Oliver’s Import Heaven


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