S15 – Super Downforce

A couple months back I bought an aero wing for my S15 and plan was to make it a two post wing instead of the factory three post. Anybody thinking of doing it, here’s my experience.

So to start it off I set up a little cutting table in my back room because it was pouring rain outside and I didn’t really wan’t to get wet. I also had a friend come over to help out for the day, the same friend I did my first photoshoot with, Brad.

I bought this awesome dremel pack at bunnings to make the chopping easier. Cost me $40 and came with a whole heap of attachments.

The idea was to cut out the centre post, then put a layer of fibreglass over the hole and hold it in with some epoxy resin. After this I would get some filler and spread it out on top of the fibreglass until it was high enough to sit perfect with the bottom part of the wing. After this I’d have to spend a little while sanding it back so it was smooth enough to match the rest of the base.

So the cutting started.

Goodbye centre piece.

After about and hour of precision cutting and making sure the thing didn’t crack, I had it looking like this.

So then came the time to get some resin to add to the fibreglass so it would stick to the wing. I went and got some from a surfboard shop down the road and another $30 later I was set to go.

After putting over a layer of fibreglass and then some resin I let it set for about 30 minutes. Then it was time for some filler to go over the top to fill in the gap.

This stuff looks horrible and I can’t imagine what it would be like if it got in your eyes. It also smells pretty bad.

After the resin had set we got to work on filling in the hole. We did 3 layers of filler to get it to the right height. The first layer went on and set after 10 minutes under some floodlights.

We put on second and third layer later on and let it set overnight. After the third layer we put another piece of fibreglass over it so it would make sanding easier. I woke up and had it sitting like this the next morning.

After a little bit of cutting and sanding back I have gotten it to the stage where it’s nearly ready for some paint. I will need to sand it back a little bit further but will have to wait for this constant rain to stop.

After this I’ll take it to the paint shop, get it matched to the car and the final aero addition will be done! Can’t wait for it!


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