180sx – Finally Moving

I dropped off my 180sx at the engine builders a little while ago and couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s been way too long since I drove it on track last, 16 months to be exact. So here’s an update I should have been covering ages ago.

I’ve finally decided on an engine builder but my plans for the car have been switched around a bit to make it more affordable and faster so I can get out on track sooner rather than later. I didn’t want to wait around for another 3 or 4 months while my SR was checked over and put together ready to go in the car so instead I decided I needed to go a different direction. Again.

The SR I was going to put in will stay in my garage and over the next year I will have it pulled down and checked over so it’s ready for when the current motor decides to let go. For now I will use the 2.1L CA that’s still in the car because of the hours that went into building it. Plus on the bright side, the only damage to the engine is that it has a small bearing noise. Luckily it was in early stages so it hasn’t damaged anything else like crank, pistons or rods, otherwise I’d be up for another huge bill.

So while my CA gets pulled apart and fixed up I’m on the look for some new goodies for it, which includes a rather large turbo. I’ll go through in detail what plans are for the motor in my next post, all I’ll say is it’s going to be pretty intense for a CA when it comes onto boost.

I went with MRC Dyno Services as my engine builder, mainly because I was happy with the service. Other places I’ve been to will make you wait around and aren’t all that nice when it comes to your car. Mark was happy to talk to me about everything on the car including what I wanted out of it when it’s ready to drive. I know a few people who have had engines built at MRC and I’ve heard nothing but good stories.

If you need anything related to engine work or even just want a tune, these guys are who you want to talk to.

I’ll have more updates on the car very soon so stay tuned.


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