Scenery Change

In the next couple months I’ll be going through a major change in lifestyle and setup. Not only for the cars, but for me as well.

For those who don’t know, I live in a smallish town in Sydney next to the beach in a house by myself. Over the past year I have been contemplating some big changes which will make everything a lot cheaper, easier and much more enjoyable. My current place is pretty expensive to maintain and while covering bills is doable, not much is left over to spend on the cars. So the major change is moving house, but I’m not moving 10km or even 50km away. I’m going a long way south, 980km exactly, to Melbourne.

Reasons behind it are that it’s a lot cheaper to live than in Cronulla (my current spot) and also has a bit more room for me to store the cars rather than having to move each one in and out every time. I’ve been in my current spot since I was born and have been through heaps of stuff both with my cars and life in general.

Playing with setups, test fitting things and just casual meet ups with friends have filled the calender for longer than I can remember. I’ve been to countless meets and events with the S15 which have always been great, drift days in the 180sx that have sometimes ended horribly and spent so many hours planning the next stages of each build in the garage. Every event is different from state to state so I’m hoping once I’m down south the events can be just as cool as something like All Japan Day 2011.

AJD last year was easily the best event I went to and would have loved them to do another one.

My drifting schedule will most likely get overloaded with more days than what it currently has up here in Sydney. Rather than doing an event every 6 weeks or 2 months, the guys in victoria seem to be holding more days more frequently at tracks like Calder Park and Winton which are run throughout the day rather than driving Eastern Creek way after sunset which is a nightmare at times.

The main thing I will miss is meeting up with friends and talking crap about our cars or driving to an event together. There are lots of cars and even more names that I won’t get to see much anymore so as expected, there will definitely be some long road trips from Melbourne to Sydney to see how things have changed.

The hardest part will be getting the cars moved down there, which I’m hoping I can put onto a transporter, but that can wait until I sell the house. For now I will enjoy the last few months I get to spend in the house I grew up in. Some of the best times are when I get to sit down and just watch some good Formula One while eating dinner. That’s one thing that won’t be changing at all, Formula One and drifting will never leave my agenda. So times like these will never end.


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