The-Lowdown – Showcased

Last week I went to the Showcased event being run by, had an awesome day and saw some quality cars. Have a look inside for some awesome pictures.

I picked up a friend early in the morning and got to the show at about 11:30am ready for some good hard parking action.

This was the first big show being run by and had taken months of preparation and planning. It was held at the Entertainment Quarter carpark in Sydney. Right next door to fox studios and in the centre of a few museums and corporate buildings.

There was a DJ, lots of shopfronts and some nice promo girls up on the rooftop. I spent most of the day walking around the area seeing what I could find. Mainly because I never go into the city.

We ended up getting subway for lunch in the middle of fox studios. There were heaps of shops around, felt like I was in vegas or something.

I saw a few familiar faces at the meet, including Mr. Steven Phan who I went to All Japan Day with last year. As usual he is awesome with his camera skills and the dude has longer hair than some of the girls there!

This is one of my favourite shots of my car from Matty Everingham. I’ve told Matt that one day we will do a photoshoot together so expect something in the near future.

So many good photos, really happy with how the car has turned out. I think the wing makes it a thousand times better. I think I’m pretty much 99% finished, I’d like to replace a few more things on the car but that will come over the course of owning it. Now I think I can just drive it and enjoy every minute.


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