S15 – Rack City

This may not be something that many people like but it was something I thought might help me out in the long run. Check it out.

Firstly, no I’m not a USDM fanboy who is trying to copy all the Honda boys with their styles. I did it so I could carry things around when I need to, like wheels for example. They aren’t just for show.

Anyway, onto the story.

Sometime at the start of the year I was coming home after going to bunnings with a load of timber in the car and lots of tools. I had to take out both the front seat and rear seats which wasn’t too bad but still a bit annoying. I was thinking that it would be so much easier if I had a daily car that I could use to carry lots of stuff without having to pull things out. A few things came into my head but none were going to work and buying another car wasn’t a great option at the time. I thought maybe I could get some roof racks made up to suit the S15. This is where the story started.

I called around a few places and nobody had asked about them before which didn’t suprise me, seeing how lots of S15 owners wouldn’t think of doing it because it’s a bit unusual.

I finally got onto a place that thought they might be able to make up something to fit. I wanted them to be removable so I didn’t have holes in my roof and so I didn’t have to run them all the time.

I made an appointment to go and see them in May to see what we could make up. This is what we came up with.

Because we didn’t drill into the roof, it takes me 2 minutes to take them off and also put them on for when I need them. I also think they look really good as well as serving a purpose now I’m able to carry around things like timber, ladders or even wheels when I go to a drift event.

I went out to a Driftmob event at Eastern Creek with a few friends to watch and a couple spare wheels for Matt’s S13. So my car became the support car for the day. Not something it’s usually doing!

They make driving a car with no boot space a whole lot easier, plus I think they add a very unique touch to it. Now we wait and see how many people start putting roof racks on S15’s. I’ve only ever seen one before, but the car was sold as were the roof racks, so I guess this might be the only one around right now!

One more shot from the front.

I love this car.


7 thoughts on “S15 – Rack City

  1. Great work on these!
    Love it.

    I am looking for a similar thing to carry my MTB.
    I am sick or pulling all the wheels off etc. and I really love my S15.
    What brand are these racks? Did it take a lot of custom work at all?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Thanks dude!

      They are a Thule rack with a grappling system from a couple cars. If you want to grab one, speak to Roof Rack World in Artarmon and ask for Dwain, they will help you out with everything.

      • Sweet, I will call him in the new year!

        Appreciate the help. And congrats for being “The guy” that actually had the balls to get it done and put in the hard yards.
        If anyone asks where the idea came from I will give you the props.

  2. Hey man could you please get back to me on s15 roof rack I real want some
    Brought some but wrong kind
    Get back to me cheers

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