180sx – Weight Loss

So seeing how the motor for my 180sx is nearly ready to go back in, I figured it was time to clean up the car a little bit before it made its way to the tuners.

For anyone that didn’t know beforehand, the car still had quite a few things in the interior and the engine bay that were useless to me. So over the span of a week I pulled out about 60kg’s worth of stuff.

I went from this –

To this –

I left in everything for the brakes and clutch so its good to go when it gets there. I also hit it with 3 full cans of degreaser to get some of the 20 year old muck off. Most of it came off but some of it wouldn’t even move!

Then it was time to move onto the interior. Not much had changed since I bought the car which meant I still had all the stuff that a street car would have. Useless things like air conditioning boxes, plastic trims, speakers, carpet and a whole lot more was just sitting in the car doing nothing. I also had the complete stock body loom and engine loom which together weighed over 20kg, so they both came out.

Getting the engine loom to come through the little holes in the chassis was so annoying! Now I can have a loom from scratch and not have to worry about having pointless wires laying around.

My plan for electronics and switches is to have them in the stereo surround. I’ll run my gauges where the cluster used to be because I won’t need a stock cluster anymore. I’ll have the control unit for my Defi’s in the top half, then switches and other controllers in the main part of the stereo surround. I drew up something to see what it would look like when it all goes in.

Yes the car has strobes, it’s had them since I bought it, so thought I may as well keep them in there for a bit of fun! I’ll have to get a plate made up to suit everything but I’ll wait until we have the switches ready so I know the right size.

I don’t think I have anything else to do to the car so it’s ready to go back to the tuners as soon as I can get it over there. I’m hoping it will be soon, I want to go back out on track! It’s been way too long since I was out last.

Also the man behind the wiring is the one who used to own this nice piece of work. I’m sure everyone has seen this car.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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