RB26 S13 – Cage Time

So after nearly two years, the cage in my S13 has finally been finished. It doesn’t look quite so beautiful at the moment, but that will all change soon enough.

I had Ian help me out getting the car over to the workshop, Ian has his own S13 with an LS1 engine swap. I’m not the biggest of fans when it comes to V8’s in imports, but each to their own. I went to Wakefield with him a few months ago and it was pretty impressive seeing the amount of torque it has. Being able to have instant power when you put your foot down is awesome. I promised him the RB26 will destroy the LS1 when I finish it, so we will see what happens!

The final things I needed to be done were to have some box plates made for the cage so it was welded to the chassis and have all of the pillar bars and hoops welded up.

After so long I had nearly lost all motivation to do anything on the car. But, there was still a little bit of a dream there, so I dropped it off, planned out what to do next and go from there.

Now that I have it home again after the work, I will have to spend a few hours rubbing back the cage to bare metal as it’s started to form some slight surface rust. I’m also halfway through getting rid of the sound deadening, which is the WORST job.

Now I’m super excited to get this thing moving and apart from money, nothing is stopping me from doing it. In a few months I’m planning to have finished the subframe with all my new arms and 2 way, fit my 5 stud and brake setup, have the cage and interior ready to be painted and possibly have the engine out so I can have the front end tubbed and maybe tube framed. Then I will be saving for quite a while so I can pay for my wheels and all my other suspension bits!

All it depends on now is me and my bank account.


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