S15 – GKTech Goodness

Finally wrote up a post about my new GKtech camber arms. I put these in the S15 a few months ago, but never got the chance to do a writeup on them.

If we go back to early may, I had just put in my new Powered by Max coilovers and lowered the car a bit. At the time I had some HardRace camber arms, just your average off the shelf stuff. I realised that when I had dropped the car, my camber arms were fouling on the chassis. Driving it was a bit scary, especially when I hit a bump, all you could hear was a loud clunk. So I had to get it fixed up ASAP.

That’s where these babies come in. After a few weeks of research and some contemplation between GKtech, SPL and Kazama, I went with the newly designed GKtech arms.

Part of the reason was because of the angle they have, meaning if I ever decide to go even lower than what I am now, they will allow for it. Kazama and SPL didn’t have quite as much of an angle and at the time they weren’t readily available.

They are also a little different from your everyday suspension arm, being that they are a 1 piece billet arm. No welds, which means no faults caused by human error.

So out came my old arms and in went the new billet GKtech arms. To say they are better would be an understatement. The difference in adjustment and quality compared to my old HardRace arms is amazing. Greg at GKtech always puts in 110% when it comes to his parts and these have been no exception. And for the price you can’t say no, being half the price of what a pair of SPL arms cost and quite a bit cheaper than Kazama as well.

I’ve been thinking about possibly buying a whole set of GKtech arms for my 180sx and selling off my Kazama arms. I’ll have to wait a little while so I can afford the whole set, then see if they are up to the task of some track punishment.


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