World Time Attack 2012 – Day 1

The biggest motorsport event in Australia has come and gone for 2012. Memories were made, rubber was destroyed and awesome times were had. Here’s how friday went down.

I had my mate Matty from Perth staying with me for the weekend. I picked him up from the airport on wednesday, had some lunch in Cronulla then went back to mine to show him the cars. First time he had seen them all so he was pretty excited seeing them in person.

After a lot of crazyness and partying for a couple nights, we got to friday morning. We headed out to eastern creek packed with cameras, batteries and food, ready for an epic day.

At last years WTAC I met Nigel and saw his 180sx for the first time, so I was pretty keen to have another talk to him and see whats been happening. This car has to be one of the highest on my list for inspiration, there has been so much time and effort put into it and its amazing to have watched it evolve from an average red 180sx to an awesome representation of a car.

Anyway, onto more WTAC awesomeness.

Next to the ETS stand was Josh Coote’s new 370z drift car. Not yet finished but looks like its going to be a ridiculous machine. That list I was talking about, Josh’s 180sx is level with Nigel’s, so if he can make the 370z anywhere near as good as the 180sx, i’ll probably be in love with it.

WTAC this year had heaps of stuff to check out, including a forza stand, which I’ll get to later on. Heaps of promo girls and lots of promo stands to go with them. I’d say the best promo stand was the Hi Octane racing stand. Just like last year they had an insanely built RB26 which not only looked awesome on paper but looked like a show piece. They also had a built SR20 on a stand next to it which had the same turbo hanging off it that I’m running on my 180sx! In person it looks like a small turbo but it’s the size of the wheel that counts.

Across from the Hi Octane stand was Mad mike’s ridiculous RX8. This car has everything, insanely loud, super wide, crazy fitment and a sick driver. Can’t ask for anything more for a drift car I think…

..except one thing. If it came from the land of the best drift cars known to man! Ever since it was announced that the team orange cars were coming over this year I’ve been the most excited person on the planet. After watching countless hours of video and looking at millions of photos, I finally got to see them in person. Both Suenaga’s evo and Kumakubo’s subaru were sitting right in front of me, definitely a dream come true.

So what does one do when they have an awesome opportunity at hand? This..

Yeh, I had my hand on a car that came from Ebisu Circuit, pretty stoked about it at the time, I bet everyone looking at me was wondering what the hell I was doing.

After drooling over both team orange cars and saying hi to Driftsquid, we saw Kuma heading over to his car so got a quick picture with him.

Still can’t believe I got to meet these guys and check out their cars, probably one of the best experiences I’ve had since I got into the car scene.

First thing we did was watch the first session of Pro class and saw the Australian built Nemo evo put in an insane lap. First session out on track and already destroying last years record by 3 seconds! Definitely looked like this thing was going to win right from the start.

After a little bit of walking around it was time for the promo session with a few drift cars, including Nige’s 180sx. Dying to see the car out on track again we rushed up to the hill to watch.

Before grabbing the chairs and getting a spot, I spotted a pair of nice Chasers. One JZX100 and a Mark II next to it, both from victoria. Massive respect to these two for driving up together for nearly 1,000km’s!

One of my favourite drivers is Curt Whittaker. After seeing him win last year all I can say is this dude has some of the smoothest driving around. Always has the right line and the transitions are perfect! Makes me want to go overseas for a D1NZ round to see him drive again.

Next up was some dude in a red 180sx..

Then the 20b powered RX8 hit the track blazing. Looks like so much fun driving this car.

That saying of time flies when you’re having fun is 100% true. The promo session was done so we headed back down to the pits to check out some more good stuff.

Right after coming out of the tunnel and into the pits, I got a quick look at this amazing S15.

I’d say personally, behind Suzuki’s S15 (Scorch Racing), this car was one of the best looking time attack cars in all of WTAC. Not only did it have a decent amount of power and had put in some really quick lap times by the end of the weekend, but it was also one of the most beautiful S15’s I’d seen.

Decided we would check out Curt Whittaker’s car and get a poster from him. The car has changed drastically since last year, but is still just as good as the car that won WTAC last year.

After about 4pm it was coming to the end of the time attack, but the day wasn’t even close to over. Drifting started at 5pm so we headed up to the hill again for some insane rubber destruction and an all night smoke show!

As I’ve said in the past, I really need to get a decent camera so I can take better photos. Lately I’ve been putting all of my money towards the 180sx build so can’t put any money aside for a new camera! Here’s a few of the shots I got from the night.

Sueanaga pulling away from Whittaker, ended up taking the win and moving on.

And one of my favourite battles of the night. Squid vs Nigel. Jake ended up breaking 2 gearboxes on the friday night which was a real shame, Nigel ended up beating squid and qualifying ahead.

So after a few more hours of qualifying we were wrecked. Friday was done and we were already keen for saturday, especially because the Show n Shine was on and I had my car entered!

Stay tuned for day 2 coming up soon..


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