S15 – Aero Completion

A little while ago I fitted the final piece of the aero puzzle to my S15. Now I think it’s at the stage where I don’t need anything else.

Most will remember, a few months ago I bought an aero wing through the man himself, Jesse Streeter. Then I wrote up a post on how I had cut it and filled in the hole.

It took me a while to decide on a painter because I wanted it to be perfect. I ended up going with a shop a few minutes from my place, Fibresports. They specialise in fibreglass moulding and spray painting so was exactly what I was after. I took the wing down and showed them what had been done and my idea for it. Allen told me it wouldn’t be too hard to paint, just needed a bit of sanding over the filling and smoothening off then it would be ready to go.

A bit of cutting was needed to make it ready for paint so I left it with them for a few days and waited for the call.

22nd of June and the wing was ready. I was itching to get it fitted up to the car as soon as possible seeing how I was heading out to a drift day with a few friends the next morning at 6am. So I took the wing home after work, found a few of these little positioning pieces in the garage which made it a lot easier for me to drill through in the right spot.

It was great having the little marking pieces so I knew where to drill through, otherwise it could have turned out to be a nightmare!

To start off, the drill came out and went straight through my holeless boot. I tried to man up and not cry when I did it.

Fortunately I have a second immaculate boot at home if I ever want to swap!

After finding a couple nuts to hold it down it was all set to go! It was 9pm and I still hadn’t had any dinner and considering I had to be up again 7 hours, it was going to be a crappy night!

I took it out to the drift day and got a pretty good response. At that point it was the first time I had run the roof racks as well, so I don’t think anybody really noticed I had a new wing on the car.

So now that I finally have the wing, there is nothing else in terms of aero that I can think of for the S15. There’s tonnes of things I can think of for the 180sx, but for my S15, it’s all finished up. My plan is to replace a few things in the interior and a few other mechanical things.

Still so happy with how it has turned out, I never thought it would turn out like this the day I bought it. Just goes to show that with a bit of effort and patience, anything can turn out exactly how you want it.


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