Expansion of The Family

My garage expanded over the weekend. This time around it’s something I’ve been waiting to get for a long, long time.

For quite a while now I’ve been needing to get a tow car that I can double as a daily driver. Lots of cars made the list but I eventually narrowed it down to only three, and one of them I was very interested in but at the time wasn’t really affordable. I did contemplate getting a ute so I had some room to carry spare parts and wheels and any tools when I had a track day. But one major disadvantage of the of ute was they only had two seats, which could have been a problem.

So I scrapped the idea of a ute and started looking at the other two. One was a 4×4 and the other was a wagon. The 4×4 would be the perfect tow car and would always be reliable, but wouldn’t really suit as a daily car. The wagon on the other hand would suit a daily perfectly. It would also have heaps of room to carry tools, spare wheels and any spare parts that I might need, just like the ute. As a tow car it would do the job, not as well as the 4×4 but still do the job without any hassles.

So after lots of researching, contemplation, more researching and some negotiating, I went out and bought myself a new daily/tow car.

A 2004 Nissan Stagea M35 Autech Axis edition!

I’ve been after one of these for over a year now and finding them isn’t that easy. So the excitement I felt over the weekend when I picked it up is undescribable. This one has 70,000kms, full leather interior, a VQ35DE and a stock exhaust! So I wont have to deal with people harassing me for how loud my car is anymore. I picked it up from a dealer on the northern side of Sydney, who’s showroom was beautiful. Only because it had my new car inside!

Business was done, money was handed over and the keys to my new car were given to me. I felt like a 5 year old in candy land. Didn’t waste any time talking, so I jumped in and went driving. I was with one of my mates when we picked it up so we went to his place for a quick lunch then I was on my way back home feeling like a true VIP!

First thing I did when I got home, was take a boatload of photos. Every single angle and every possible position without the sun destroying my eyes.

So you might be asking, what happens to the S15 now? Well, nothing is going to happen to it, no I’m not selling it and no I’m not going to neglect it for months and months. I have a few touch ups to do with some mechanical drama’s and while I make the move to Melbourne, the Stagea will make everything a whole lot easier. For a few reasons, because it doesn’t have tyres on the guard, it doesn’t get stuck on speedbumps and it doesn’t have insanely stiff coilovers! Plus when I need to move my 180sx and S13 around, this will do the job.

The future looks good for my garage setup, I think I’m finished on the car buying scene for now, so it’s back to building the 180sx and RB26 S13 to their maximum potential. Speaking of my 180sx, expect a rather large update during the week!

So happy I finally bought a Stagea!!!


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