World Time Attack 2012 – Day 2

Yes it’s been a month since WTAC actually finished and I’ve taken a bit of time writing it up, but good things are worth waiting for. So here it is.

If you missed Day 1, I highly recommend you read it first. If you’re up to date, awesome.

Matty and I had a pretty late night after the friday, smashing down a quick dinner at about 11pm and heading to sleep as quickly as we could. Reason being was a 4:30am wakeup so we could get the S15 ready quickly for the Show and Shine! Only a few things we needed to do like fit the racks, fit the lip and pack the car with everything we needed for the day.

By about 5:30am we were on the way out to the track, locked and loaded ready for WTAC day 2. One disappointment was this was the last time we would see my TE37’s, because I had sold the set to someone who had planned on picking them up later in the day.

Fortunately we got to the track as one of the first cars and got a front row spot! First thing on the list, pit walk to see the cars before they were cluttered with people. Keep in mind this was at 8am and no spectators were allowed in until 9am so we got pretty lucky!

Whittaker’s R34 was covered in really thick shards of rubber from the night before. If my car shreds tyres as good as this, I’ll be broke in a matter of hours.

Last year’s WTAC had the garages open pretty much all weekend, which meant spectators could have a look to see what’s happening and get a good look at the cars. This year unfortunately, nearly every single garage had it’s door closed and were only ever opened when someone from the team came out or went in. I managed to grab this sneaky picture of Suzuki’s S15 and it was the only shot I got of it when it was in it’s garage. Next year I really need to get a media pass.

On the other hand, the drift cars were all in open carports and on display to everyone! Even though they were constantly packed all day, you could still see them up close and check out everything they had to offer. Like Mike’s RX8..

Or even look at the boot of Squid’s onevia. Although, I wouldn’t really call this a ‘boot’ anymore, it’s more like a jungle of monkey bars.

By about 10am it was time for some of the circuit guys to go out and do some runs. Nemo’s first session time from friday was still on top unsurprisingly, but the first session of saturday was on and the Cyber Evo was now in the running. The Cyber team didn’t get any track time on the friday which was a major disadvantage for both Tarzan and the Evo. I’m not 100% sure on what the delay was, but whatever caused a full day’s worth of time must have been pretty big. If I remember correctly, the Cyber team only got it out and back in once as they were adjusting everything to be perfect. So that made the session pretty dismal.

But, it wasn’t all bad, because Suzuki had the S15 out, which put a smile on my face, like it always does.

The amount of work that has gone into the aero this year is crazy. A radical overhaul from last year’s model. This car has everything that I would want in an S15. Go, show and low! (possibly worst line I’ve ever come up with)

Nemo didn’t end up going faster, but was still doing consistent times faster than the rest of the field. The Hi-Octane R34 GTR was one of the loudest cars driving through the pits. The idle on that car is utterly ridiculous, it sounds like a rotary. If my RB26 ever sounded anything like that, I’d be over the moon. But again, I don’t have a six digit bank account dedicated to my car.

At about 11am, the skid pad was filling up with lots and lots of cars on display. We headed back to grab a couple drinks and stare at my car for a bit. I could literally stare at this thing for hours.

(I sometimes do)

Lunch was the WORST part of the day. Eastern Creek, now with a name change to Sydney Motorsport Park, really needs to up it’s game with some better food stalls and more drinks available. My chips tasted like stale corn flakes and yes, Ive had stale corn flakes, they weren’t too good.

Although, lunch time also came with some rubber destruction, so it wasn’t all bad. Just like the friday, there was a drift demo on for about 20 minutes. So we headed for the hill and got a good spot.

Barely got there in time to see Gaz blazing past.

Caught a pretty good shot of Suenaga.

Kumakubo didn’t really look like he was going too hard, better safe than broken though.

Then the Squid machine flew past, huge amount of smoke and some awesome limiter bashing. Really love this car.

So yet again, the 20 minutes felt like 2 minutes and the promo runs were all over. Thought it might be a good chance to head down to pits and get my shirt signed. I decided I would take my fireproof overall with me and get it signed by some of the drivers. I got everyone on my list except two of them, and those two were very high on my signing list! So pretty bummed about not getting them on it, but still got a good amount of ink on there.

The list of signatures –

-Curt Whittaker

-Suzuki (Scorch)


-Beau Yates

-Mad Mike



-Gaz Whiter

And Nigel of course. Very happy with the amount I got, but I’m missing Tarzan and I never got Taniguchi to sign it either! I couldn’t find him!! If he comes back next year, I think I might take it out to get him to sign and I’ll get Tarzan to sign it as well.

On the way back to my car, Matty and I noticed the same TV’s from the day before with Forza 4 and a leaderboard setup. The challenge was fastest lap around Tsukuba and was saturday only so I put my bag down, took jacket off and went crazy. For everyone that doesn’t know me personally, I’m a hardcore nerd on Forza. I’ve spent a countless amount of hours racing, drifting, painting, building, tuning, doing everything from Forza 1 all the way to Forza 4. We were only allowed a warm up lap and two flying laps and prizes were pretty good so I went for a few laps.

Only the times under 1:00 were put up on the board, so off to a good start for the day with a 57.923.

I let Matty have a drive and noticed this over to our left…

There was only one way to describe this at the time – wife this girl. She wasn’t too bad at driving actually, she definitely drove better than Matty.

So after a bit of Forza, our pit walk continued back to my car and the skid pad. But before getting there, it was Promo girl picture time. Just like my trip to Melbourne earlier this year, I tried to get one with every promo girl. Here’s a few of them.

We headed over to the Tectaloy booth where the team orange guys were doing autographs and Matty decided to one-up me with my promo girl pictures.

Luckiest kid.

The skid pad was filled to the max with cars when we got back this time, so it had quite a few people around.

This shot is one of my favourites from WTAC, more awesome pictures of everything car related over at Coopers Page.

And an awesome one from Kevin at Ballr Inc. Love my LMGT4’s so much!

We heard that Mad Mike was doing autographs over at the Tectaloy stand so we headed over to get a couple. I got him to sign my shirt and a poster, also managed to get a quick photo with him courtesy of Shaun!

So after some more food, drinks and a few more circuit sessions, we came to the final session of Pro class and the start of the ultimate showdown.

Cyber vs Nemo.

There was a lengthy delay before they were let out due to a car being stuck in the gravel, so we sat overhead for a little bit drooling over a few masterpieces of time attack.

Finally they were let out and ready to smash some laps. Cyber and Tarzan were slightly changing the aero each lap to make it perfect for one flying lap, while Luff and Nemo were flawlessly putting in quick laps. Tarzan headed out for what was going to be his flying lap, on a hot set of tyres and with a perfect aero setup, but it ended horribly. The rear main seal on the Evo had pooped itself, so that was the end of a problem filled weekend for the Cyber team. After working insane hours prepping the car, to have seal pop and ruin it all, is crap. I feel bad for these guys coming so far and ending up with nothing. The car didn’t even put a full lap in, so it was awarded with a DNF.

As for Nemo, well that was the total opposite. Warren Luff went out and instead of breaking the car, he broke the lap record with a 1:25.0200! In comparison, an A1GP car has done a 1:19 around the track, so six seconds behind that, for an Evo, is AMAZING.

Suzuki finished with a highly respectable 1:28.3290 and for a model of car that is mostly used in drifting and also being RWD where most of the competition is AWD, that is an awesome time.

The presentation had loads of champagne sprayed everywhere and some nice shiny trophies handed out. A few drivers, including Suzuki, Tarzan and Taniguchi, were asked if they were going to come back for next years WTAC and the answer for all three was yes. So WTAC 2013, expect something insane. Not sure what it will be just yet, but wait it out and we’ll see.

It might sound like it’s over, but it’s not, not even close. There was still about 6 hours left to go until home time!

We headed down to Nigel’s 180sx to say hi (again) and see the car. The day before I had my sticker guy make up a few stickers from a quick design I had done. Only had a few made, some went to friends, a couple went to Matty and I handed out a few to some random dudes over the day. I had one saved for a special car though. All day I had been planning how I could get it on that certain car. Just before the drifting was about to start I slapped it on the back window quickly.

We spoke to Nige for a bit but didn’t say anything about the sticker. I wanted to see how long it took him to find it. (Found out when he got back apparently!) So we quickly said good luck and bailed up to the hill ready for the nights drifting action.

Now I don’t remember exactly who was battling who, I was too busy trying to see through all the smoke and stay warm. I swear it was something like -10 degrees!! I had two shirts and three jumpers on and I was still freezing. But i still managed a few pics of the action.

Also, I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it constantly until I get one, I really need to get a good camera. Iphone just isn’t up to the task.

This one is probably the best I got all night.

My favourite driver over the whole event is easily Yates. Beau always has the craziest driving style, the most ruthless sounding car and he is one of the nicest people to talk to as well. Really hope I can see him drive heaps more in the future.

So. Gents, ladies, dudes and babes, that is the whole coverage of my 2nd day of WTAC. There are so many photos, so sorry if I’ve killed your internet, but it’s been worth it! Already keen for next year’s event, maybe I’ll have my RB26 S13 in the drifting? Doubt it, but dreams are always free!

As always, thanks for reading, it’s 3:32am and I’ve been writing for the past few hours so I’m keen for some sleep. hope you enjoyed both parts of my weekend wrap up.

I’ll leave you with this shot of my S15 from Alex.B.

Have a good weekend!


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