S15 Photoshoot – The Right Wrong

A bit delayed on this one, but better than not showing at all! A little while back I had a photoshoot done for TheRightWrong. One of the best nights Ive had in a while!

The photographer dude (who I hadn’t met yet) was in Sydney for a few days and was wanting to shoot some cars. I met up with Wei who runs E3lipse Photography and another one of his friends, Alfred, who owns a very clean type x 180sx. Wei said he wanted to get some shots with the Harbour bridge in the background so we set up a nice little spot over at Mcmahons point.

Here’s Alfred’s 180sx, looking amazing. Nearly identical colour to my own 180sx!

At the time Alfred was wanting to get some new wheels and we were talking about some options. One thing I was saying to him is make sure he gets some genuine stuff, replica wheels are the worst thing you can do to a car in my opinion.

Alfred told me a couple weeks later that he had decided on some fresh new Enkei RPF1’s! Ordered in awesome sizes and hopefully only a few weeks away.

After a little shoot at Mcmahon’s point we decided to do some rolling shots through the Harbour tunnel and to this day, they are still my favourite shots of my car!

And Alfred’s shots came out sweet, this makes me wish I could drive my 180sx on the street.

After a quick drive back to Wei’s hotel we had a talk for a bit about cars and just random stuff in general. Said thanks and headed home for the night already keen to see some awesome shots!

Thanks to Wei for the photoshoot, The Right Wrong for the feature and of course Alfred for bringing along his mint 180sx.

If you want to check out the full Feature on the website, have a look here – Feature: Double S’s


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