180sx – Engine Build 98%

I’ve had some awesome progress happening with my 180sx build over the past few weeks, so here’s a big post to sum up everything and to see where it’s at.

So to start where I left off a little while back. The car was dropped off at the engine builders and the rebuild had started. Motor came out, pulled apart completely and checked over. New parts were ordered, the block was machined and honed. Clearances were checked over, the stroker kit was also looked over and everything was good to be used.

Once everything was sent back to Mark at MRC Dyno, the rebuild was underway instantly. Within a few days the crank, rods, pistons and bearings were in, the block had been painted, girdle was fitted, mounts attached and a new water pump bolted on.

This is how it looked after a week of work.

The next couple weeks nearly killed me. I ordered my 6Boost high mount manifold, Turbosmart 45mm gate and a fresh GTX3071R. All coming from Kyle at 6Boost. Everything looked beautiful, especially the manifold.

Opposite the big turbo and 6Boost I had a custom plenum made up with a flange to suit an RB25 throttle body. Made from scratch by Ariel at Custom Plenum Creations, the welds look beautiful and the engraving on the top of the plenum is awesome!

We also decided to keep the stock runners so we had the twin butterfly setup. This way it would allow more torque and quicker spool times, which is exactly what I’m after.

And on the subject of spooling, here is my GTX3071R. Decent sized for a little CA, but being a 2.1L now, it shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to full boost quickly. I’m planning to run this at around 19 or 20psi to keep it relatively reliable. Don’t want to go overboard and break things in the hunt for maximum power, I’d much rather have reliability over a big power figure.

Here’s the little dude that will be opening up to make a whole lot of noise! And of course the main thing attached to it, screamer pipe. Whoever has a drift car with no screamer is doing it wrong!

The head was sent off for some porting and to have my Tomei valve springs fitted and the 260 degree cams fitted. It was serviced and checked over for any issues, it came back all ready to go and was fitted up in no time. this meant the 6Boost manifold, gate, turbo and also the plenum could be dummy fitted to see how it looked. At this point, it was time to send the car back over to the shop to have all the wiring done, engine dropped in and the finishing touches done.

I met up with Ian again, who I went to Wakefield with earlier this year in his LS1 S13, we loaded up the car and headed over to the shop.

In the time I’ve had it there, which is coming up on 2 weeks now, the motor has been dropped in, gate welded onto the manifold, plenum fitted, my new 1000cc injectors were fitted to the rail and put on the motor. I’ve had Pete Refalo do all of my wiring and he spent an entire week working on it, getting everything perfect. Gauge wiring is done, engine bay wiring is done, battery has been relocated and all my lights are wired up and working! Every single electrical piece on the car is finished up. Now it’s all up to the MRC guys to finish piecing the motor together and have it started up! It’s been a long time coming and so close now, I’m super excited to see it run on it’s own steam again.

There’s only a few things to go until it’s time to hit the dyno, about 2 weeks I’m told, so keep an eye on the blog for all the updates. Hopefully soon I will have a tow package fitted up to my Stagea and I can take this thing to the track and drive it for the first time in 18 months!

So keen!


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