Farewell Party

A couple weekends ago I had one last party at my house. It was the last weekend I spent in the place so thought it might be a good idea to have a few friends over.

We had a pretty awesome setup for the night. 2 BBQ’s, an Xbox, 2 sound systems and heaps of cars on the lawn. Earlier in the day I went up to the shops with a mate to grab everything for the night. We had a trolley loaded with 9kg worth of sausages (60 to be exact), lots of steak, 5 loaves of bread, some chicken satay kebabs and some drinks. Already had drinks back at home that were leftover from my last party.

After unloading the stagea, we started setting up everything for the night. I had Alex bring over his BBQ so we had enough space to cook everything and set it up next to mine. I had the TV and Xbox setup in the driveway and then moved the S15 out and parked it up next to the Stagea.

Still can’t believe I bought a Stagea after all the waiting and researching. I think it suits daily driving and hopefully towing will be perfect. Something the S15 would never be able to handle! But I wont start talking about their ups and downs, the Stagea has nothing on the S15 in terms of looks.

At about 4pm or so everyone started to show up. Shaun brought his S13 out, Brad brought the Type X, Jimmy brought his newly acquired TME EVO, Jared brought his Type X and Jono also brought out his Type X, which attracted a heap of attention. A few of the guys went for a joy ride with Jono over the afternoon. 250kw street car is awesome fun.

Thought it was time for a big group shot so tried to get every car in one big picture. A few guys came a little later on, but here’s how my place looked just before sunset.

Partied with music, some xbox and lots of laughs until about 11 or 12, then it was time for everyone to head back home. More joy rides in a few cars caused a bit of crap from neighbours and so did 15,000rpm’s from Hunter’s bike.

We ended up finishing about 40 sausages, a few kg’s of steak, all the kebabs and 2 esky’s worth of drinks. So pretty good party in my opinion! Unfortunately it was my last one, the new owners are in the house now and already renovating. My move isn’t going so well at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be settled into the new place as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the guys that came along to the party, definitely won’t be my last one, at some point I’ll organise a catchup. For now it’s time to hit up Melbourne!


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