180sx – The First Start

For the first time in 18 months, it has started.

After lots of patience, a big figure of dollars spent and a failed rebuild, the CA in my 180sx is finally finished and has started up for the first time since February last year. Really happy with how it’s turned out, cannot wait to drive it again.

But, not everything has gone perfectly to plan. The gearbox blew up while it was on the dyno and it was also wheel spinning so we couldn’t get the most out of it. So far it was making ~250kw and this wasn’t at full boost so expect a little bit more until it’s at maximum potential. About a week earlier I had the chance to design a gauge and switch plate for the car. I needed a plate to replace the cluster and one that would house all my gauges. Here’s what we came up with –

Inspiration taken from Nigel with the same gauge setup he has in his 180sx. (my favourite car for those who don’t know) I also needed to make a switch plate that would house all the necessary switches and also my Defi control unit. It’s not finished just yet so I’ll have a picture of it up in my next post.

Back onto the engine, everything sounds perfect and runs beautifully. The GTX3071r spools really quick and also sounds a bit like a jet engine which should cause a few eargasms!

The only things left to do now are get a new gearbox and tune. I have been contemplating a new gearbox setup with an RB25 but I need to research the options a bit more and look for parts. For now I would much rather get it tuned and drivable, then I can change the gearbox later. Expect a dyno run to pop up in the videos section over the next couple weeks when it finally hits the dyno to make some power. Really looking forward to it!


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