180sx – The 291kw 2.1L CA

It’s been a long time in the making but it’s all finally finished, here’s a rundown of the latest news on my 180sx.

I had a date with the dyno on friday with my 180sx and it went flawlessly. I headed over to MRC Dyno just before lunch time to be there for the tune. So excited when this little reminder popped up on my phone.

Since blowing up the gearbox a few weeks ago, we have put in another stock CA box, (plan is still to go with an RB25 box later down the road) and have also swapped the rear wheels so it doesn’t wheelspin.

I’m running a Link G4 Storm and one of the capabilities of it is to run three boost settings. So I have a switch that can be set to low, medium and high boost. We set them at 17psi, 20psi and 24psi. I’ll only ever run it on 24psi when I’m desperately in need of it, I will mainly use the medium setting.

After a few runs setting up the tune, we got a result of 291.8kw on 24psi! The smile on my face was unbelievable, very happy with the results!

So after talking with the guys at MRC for a bit and celebrating, I put the car onto a tilt tray and headed back to my storage unit. I wanted to go over the car completely and check everything, inside and out. Suspension bits needed to be fixed up, things needed to be fitted and bits needed to be adjusted so I could drive it properly.

By the time we got to the storage place it was about 3pm and I still needed to pick up the switch plate. I unloaded the car, parked it up and left it for the afternoon.

Saturday morning came around and I had the Stagea packed full of tools and parts ready to get working on the 180sx.

I needed to get it on stands, then go over every bit of suspension and set it up for the track. My rear toe was ridiculously bad, as was the rear camber. I straightened out both to where I wanted it and moved onto the front half. I also needed to get the wheels off and find some others to use as the ones I had on there at the time had race slicks on, which obviously wouldn’t work on a drift car.

Next up I pulled out the dash and got to work on mounting up the switch plate and cluster piece. The switch plate needed a bit of modifying to sit right and I also needed some double sided tape to mount it up properly which I didn’t have. I’ll mount it next time I’m there. The cluster piece though, came up perfectly. I couldn’t be more happy with how it has turned out, the gauges look beautiful!

They sit in the dash beautifully, can’t wait to see how they light up! I still need to plug them all in once the dash is finally mounted and I also need a signal wire to plug the tacho into the control unit. Hopefully Streeter comes through with the goods and he can get it over to me before next weekend. Knowing him it will be here pretty fast.

The last thing for the day was to find out what wheels I could put on. Seeing how my S15 was in storage and not moving for the moment, I borrowed the 9.5 LMGT4’s and put them on the front. Then I had some Enkei’s with some half decent tyres so put them on the rear and put the car on the ground. Fitted up my front bar and lip and it finally looks like a car again!

After so much time, sadness and hard work it’s finally a drivable 180sx again. To say I’m overjoyed is a bit of an understatement, explaining how happy I am to finally have this car ready is impossible. The only things I have left to do is fit the roll cage, finish mounting the switch panel, fit both seats, mount the extinguisher, put in both harnesses and then wash it! I’m so close to having this thing ready to go drifting again, I’m so excited!

But, it will have to wait until tuesday. Tomorrow I’m driving 300km’s down south to get a towbar fitted to my Stagea so I can finally tow something with it! It’s a custom made hitch rated at 2.5 tonne so I think I will be alright to carry both car and trailer. The only thing I’m worried about is the amount of reverse rake I may have, but we will see what happens. Tuesday morning I will be going over to see the 180sx again to finish off everything on the list. Once it’s done I will load up and be ready for a track day this saturday at Eastern Creek. Lets hope everything goes to plan, stay tuned for more updates both here and on my Facebook Page.

It’s going to be a crazy week!


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