180sx – Driftmob Skidpan Day

Over the weekend I took the 180sx out for its first drive after coming off the dyno, not everything went to plan so the day wasn’t that great.

So after working on the car all throughout last week, I had planned to go out to a drift day on saturday the 10th. I spent most of the week going over the suspension, fitting up all my switches and also mounting the gauges. Everything went sweet!

I also ended up getting the passenger seat in.

Earlier in the week I had some stickers made up for the front and back windscreen. The one on the back is the same as what I have on the S15. Its just a bigger version of the script stickers in the Store.

I had a second sticker made up for the front window which is a little different to usual. Stole something from the US grassroots scene and had this made up for the front..

Considering nobody runs a CA in their car anymore I thought it suited it well. Plus it makes the car memorable, so double positive!

Earlier that week, I had a towbar fitted up to my Stagea, just in time for the weekend. Finally I had it ready to tow the 180sx just as planned.

When friday came along, everything was finished on the 180sx and ready to go. I loaded up the Stagea with some tools and spares and hooked up the trailer.

This was the first time I’d had a trailer on the Stagea so I was a little nervous as to how it would react. With the trailer on there it wasn’t even noticable, so time to see how it would go with the 180sx on the back.

The rear dropped down a little bit but nothing too bad. Tied the 180sx down, towed it back to a mates place, had dinner and went to bed.

Saturday morning was a 5am wake up, had to be out at the track by about 7:30am so filled up with fuel in both cars and pumped up the tyres.

I got to the track a little later than expected, but unloaded the car, got scrutineered and lined up.

The first session was awesome, the car has so much response, so much more power than the last time I drove it and it handled beautifully! One thing I really love is my steering wheel. Best thing about the car in my opinion.

It was pretty loud from inside, not sure what it was like from outside but definitely sounded crazy from inside.

After the first 10 minutes or so in the first session a few problems started to pop up. My gauges randomly lost power and my strobes turned off as well. I thought it might have just been a little electrical fault so I stayed in line and thought they might come back, they did once but then cut out again. After another minute of worrying, the car started to change in tone. It was coughing and stuttering really bad, started to sound like a rotary at one point which was scary.

Initially I thought it was an alternator problem or something to do with the battery. I tried a couple of different batteries but the same thing was happening each time, so I was sure it was the alternator. I spent most of the day trying to get it running properly again but ended up having no luck. Back on the trailer and home time after about 10 minutes of driving. It was a crap first outing, but it wasn’t completely bad. I did get to drive it for a little bit which was amazing, can’t wait to drive it again already.

I took it over to the electrician to see if there were any faults or anything noticeably wrong, turns out it was a damn fuse! A simple little fuse ruined my whole day. So maybe I’ll have more luck this weekend at Wakefield. I’m making the drive down south for a full day hosted by Initial Drift. Hopefully I can drive the car all day to it’s full potential, I just need to organise some more wheels and tyres, go over the car again then load up and I’m good to go.

I’ll take my GoPro camera too and get some footage if I can, maybe try some funky angles, wait till saturday and see what happens!


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