Winton Matsuri 2012 – Day 2

Seven hours worth of drifting followed by a 700km trip home, here’s the second half of matsuri.


Saturday was pretty hard to recover from, especially after driving for twelve hours straight. Everyone ended up sleeping in and nearly missed the drivers briefing! Luckily got there a couple minutes before it started, I was half asleep about to fall over.

Everything was simple and pretty much the same as saturday, including the heat. It was 39° again, so not the best day to be in long sleeve shirt and pants. I unloaded the 180sx and got some tyres fitted up ready for the first session.


First session was flawless and the best session I had done so far. The sweeper in 4th was a bit hard to get, I ended up coming off pretty hard just after the sweeper in my last session. Other than that it was good. I think my favourite part of the track is from the back straight all the way to turn one. Getting that in one bit is awesome!


Second session wasn’t a very long session, coming onto the straight my tyre exploded, so it was a long painful cruise back to the pits. Rubber constantly smashing on my guard didn’t sound too great.

Changed them over for a fresh pair and headed back to the garage. I moved my camera from outside and attached it to my helmet for some crazy footage. It came out really well and much better than expected! I’ll definitely be throwing some of the good ones up, so keep checking the videos tab at the top of the page.

The next session was time for some tandems, so I spent all session mixed in between Trent and Tin. Had an awesome time following and leading, just had to make sure I didn’t stuff up!


We had a friend taking photos all weekend, who spent both days out in the extreme heat just to get shots of the cars. Can’t say thanks enough to Ian for taking pictures both days!

My last session was definitely the best session all weekend, lots of tandems, more 4th gear and a lot more speed. I tried to go faster into the S bend in 4th gear to get a decent entry. I lost it once or twice but there were a few that came out really, REALLY good.


I also ended up exploding another tyre, this time worse than the first one. So bad it left it’s mark all over my quarter panel and door.


So my once clean quarter now has rubber all over it. Not only from tyre explosions, but also scrubbing from when I had my other wheels on. Probably going to take ages to get it clean again, not looking forward to it.

That ended up being my last session and the end of matsuri. I had a sick time driving the car and the track was the best I’ve ever driven. Can’t wait to go to Winton again for their next matsuri.

The weekend wasn’t finished though. I still had an eight hour drive home in something a little more comfortable than a drift car.


Stagea sitting by itself at the entrance to the pits. Earlier in the day this bit was filled with cars.

Loaded up and headed back to the house. I ended up staying the night and heading home on monday, really needed the rest.


I headed home early so I could get back before dark. The drive home felt much quicker for some reason, maybe because I only stopped once for fuel this time.

November matsuri done, now I’m thinking I might trip up to Queensland for their matsuri next year. I think by then the car will be a lot different in terms of looks and suspension setup. I’ve already ordered some new bits for the 180sx, hopefully they are here before christmas.

Can’t wait for the next drift matsuri! Good times ahead!!


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