Stagea – Roof Rack Time

Major piece on the list for the Stagea was done during the week.

Stagea 7

I took the Stagea up to get some roof racks fitted so I can carry tyres for the 180sx. Helps a lot considering I don’t have a tyre rack on my trailer and loading them into the 180sx itself is just frustrating.

We had to design a setup which would allow eight tyres on the roof, so that meant a big tray style rack with two rows. First up was the main bars attached to the stock mounting point.


From here it looked like every other roof rack on a wagon.


From here we grabbed two 170cm support bars and ran them on top of the initial bars. From there I grabbed another four main bars and used a bunch of plates to bolt them to the support bars. Which then came up looking like this.


Stagea 5

I admit it isn’t the most beautiful of devices, but it sure does the job. I put up six wheels on the roof and it turned out awesome. The similarity this has to my S15 is that it’s also completely removable. Nothing is drilled into the roof and there is nothing modified to the liner, so if I wanted to, I can take the whole mechanism off and put it away for when I want to use it next.


Now when I go for a long road trip with the 180sx, I won’t have to load it up with tyres, because I can put them on the new rack! They will also help if I decide to go to Queensland Matsuri next year..

Yes, QLD matsuri is on the table. Wakefield drift day tomorrow so expect some pictures up soon!


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