One Year On

December 14th last year was when I started this blog. One year has past and this is my 50th post, time to look back on everything that has happened.

S15 52

I started this blog to keep track of progress on the cars. Wether it be covering track days, getting parts, modifying things or even just going to a car meet, it’s all part of it.

2012 has had all kinds of things happen, the S15 especially didn’t have a great start to the year.


Following what happened the plans for its future changed and from there on everything started to blow up. All of this happened while my 180sx was sitting in the garage feeling lonely.


Nearly all year I’d neglected my 180sx, hoping I’d have a good idea to get it back on track. I went through a few different plans, three to be exact, and decided to just take it to the engine builder and get to work. Yes it cost quite a bit financially, but it’s now at the point where it’s ready to hit the track at the push of a button.


I also had plans to get my RB26 S13 running and sort of drivable. That plan went out the window when I got to work on the 180sx. I did originally tell myself I’d have the car finished by the end of 2013, which I’m hoping is still a possibility. Right now it’s in a storage unit in the same position the 180sx was in almost a year ago.

So many things need to be finished and yet so much more needs to be started. All the aero needs to be fitted, the car needs paint inside and out, also needs a complete suspension rework. I shouldn’t bother to mention the engine work.


Mid way through the year I got rid of my old S13. Seeing how it was out of rego and I had the S15 to drive, there was no point in keeping the car. I would have loved to, but having 4 cars and none that could tow was a bit unreasonable. So when my birthday came along, I put it up for sale and said goodbye.

S13 101

Then as the months went by, the S15 got lower, louder and more impractical to drive on a daily basis, so I found myself looking for a replacement. I didn’t want another low, noisy and impractical car, I already had one. Plus I had to tow the 180sx when it was ready to go on the track. So I started looking for a car I could drive daily that was comfortable, but was also up to the task of pulling around the drift car. I went through a few options, but decided on the Stagea.

So when September came around, I found myself with this in my driveway.

Stagea 2

It also fit in perfectly with the sale of my house, which made it much easier to move out.

To sum up 2012, it was a rocky road with smooth patches. Hopefully 2013 will be better in terms of track time and travelling. I want to do both Matsuri’s at Winton next year and also head up to Queensland to take on their Matsuri. I want to get working on the RB26 S13 and have it moving and running under it’s own steam as soon as I can. Hopefully if I have the chance and things go into place quickly, I may have the possibility of driving it on the track next year.

To everyone that has read my posts over the past year, wether you read just one or have read all of them, and have complimented me on what I’ve done, thankyou. Seeing how many people are actually interested in my cars makes me feel proud of what I have.

So, lets see what 2013 has lined up.




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