Christmas 2012

My last post for the year, similar christmas setup to last, just in a different place.


This whole moving house thing is taking way longer than what I had planned. I expected to have everything in my new house and setup weeks ago, but there have been more than a few bumps along the road. I can’t give an exact or even approximate date for when I’ll be settled in, but I’m hoping it’s in the first few weeks of 2013.

So this year I set up my BBQ and cars at my storage unit for the day. A little bit different from the past couple years, but still just as good.

Christmas 2012

I also had Brad come along in his type x. It’s a completely different style to my 180sx, being stock apart from some Powered by Max coilovers, Rays mesh wheels and a bucket seat. Brad lives close to my old house and my storage unit is only a little drive from there. Brad’s a boss when it comes to photography, his blog is here – Slippery Dinosaur

I pulled out the BBQ, had some drinks, then it started raining, made for a pretty chill day.


Rain was on and off for most of the day, I just wish I had a little more cover seeing how I had washed the cars earlier.


Lately as well as driving my 180sx, I’ve been thinking about what I have left to do. Christmas eve I fitted some brand new Powered by Max coilovers, which I’ll cover in another post soon.

I really need to get some front tubs done. After driving at Winton and Wakefield, it’s hard to pull back from full lock and now that the car is a few inches lower than before, it’s almost constantly scrubbing on the inside part of the guard. Another thing I need is a new exhaust. At Wakefield a couple weeks ago I had a tyre explode and suprisingly (I’m not sure how this happened) it completely snapped off one of the hangers. A tyre, broke off a hanger, that was welded on. I didn’t think this was even possible.


I’d also like to find some type x skirts to finish off the aero. Then a few little touch ups mechanically, some lexan quarter windows and some better brakes and I will be nearly done. One major thing I will need is a hydro handbrake. I still run a stock handbrake and it is on the brink of death.

So hopefully over the year I can get these things done and have the car finished off.

Christmas 2012 2

My S15 on the other hand is finished. Apart from a respray, there is nothing else I want to do to this car for the moment. Maybe later on in life I will get a couple little add ons, but for now, I couldn’t be happier with it. Because of this house issue I haven’t been driving it very much. Currently it’s sitting in my storage unit under a car cover which kills me to see, but until I’m 100% settled in, there’s not much I can do.

I’ve been thinking for the past few months, if I ever build a massive house, I’ll get a big driveway, with a small turn off which goes inside the house into a glass box with a rotating platform, then I’ll park the S15 inside. This will happen if I win the lottery or happen to invent something awesome.

Christmas 2012 3

You might notice my RB26 S13 isn’t here. It’s also in a storage unit doing nothing. This house move has stopped progress on nearly everything. I have so much to do to that car and it’s not very easy to work on it when it’s in storage. If my house situation gets sorted soon enough, then I may have the car done by the end of 2013. Right now it’s looking hard, but still a possibility. If I can get a few more things ordered, save enough money and find the right people to do some work, then I might be driving it sometime this year. Hopefully it all goes to plan.

First I need to finish off my house situation.



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