180sx – Shiny Bouncy Things

Christmas eve last year I got some new coilovers, love these things so much.


Ever since I put these into the S15, I’ve been wanting to get a set for the 180sx. Finally ended up selling my current coilovers and getting these babies in. I ordered them to try and get here before christmas, luckily, they got here on the 24th.

Unpacked and all ready to go.


I previously ran HSD’s in the car, ever since I bought it. They were 8/6kg and were the HR series coilover. Pretty old and been through quite a bit, I decided it was time to get new stuff. These are 10/12kg and are fresh, stiff and they look awesome.

First up was the rear, which I didn’t quite max out as I didn’t want to mess with the geometry too much. It still has another inch or so to go down, so I may drop it down a bit at some point, but for now, it’s set at a good height. Plus I’ll need to think about some different arms, my current ones will most likely foul on the chassis if it goes down any more.


Fronts I didn’t lower too much. I already had some slight scrubbing issues when on full lock because of the knuckles, so I think I’ll stay at this height until I get some tubs in the front. Then it’s going down some more and hopefully by then the new shoes will be here.


I didn’t manage to get any photos when I finished up as it was dark. The rear has come down quite a bit and the front is exactly how I want it.


Just need to organise my aero setup and my wheels, then I think the car will be finished off in terms of looks. I really need those tubs though!


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