180sx – Aero Goodness

Sorry for lack of updates, the past few weeks have been super busy! I’ve made a few aero changes to my 180sx over the past couple months and there’s only one thing left to do until I’m 100% happy with the setup.


My Aero plan for this car was to go everything type x but keep it CA front. I’ve always loved the kit that came on the original type x, especially the wing and pods combo.

A couple months back I found a pair of pods on the auctions, decided they were what I wanted and had them sent over. I had bought a type x wing earlier in the year, but didn’t want it on until I had the pods to go with it.

Another week went by, pods arrived and I had them painted, along with the wing.


Originally I thought the wing would look perfect, then I fitted it and had a few doubts. It didn’t suit the style I had at the time, but this was without the pods attached.


Once the pods were on, it made a world of difference. The look was exactly what I wanted. Pretty amazing how something so small can make such a big change to how a car can look.

A few people had asked why I only got the pods and no valance, main reason is because I couldn’t find a full set for a decent price. I preferred the look of the rear without the valance after seeing a few different variations on peoples cars.


The picture above is from a drift day at Wakefield in december last year. This was where some of the kit got some punishment. I had only fitted the pods the day before and hadn’t had any issues. My last run for the day I was pushing a bit too hard and my passenger side rear tyre exploded pretty heavily, which ended up causing this..


And my pod looked like this..


So it took less than 24 hours to completely destroy the one thing I’d been waiting to use for ages. The rest of the aero was fine, I tried to fix up the pod by taping it up and reattaching it. It’s only just hanging on at the moment, maybe one day I’ll get another pair.


The final piece of the puzzle is some type x skirts. I’m currently running S13 factory option side skirts, but hoping to get some type x skirts sometime soon. If a pair come up for the right price, I’ll have them painted and thrown on as soon as I get the chance.

My list of things is slowly getting smaller for the exterior. Pods are on (barely), wing is fitted, CA front is still intact, all I need now is those type x skirts.


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