180sx – New Cage

With the new VicDrift rules, I had to get a new roll cage made up so the 180sx was eligible to go out to their events. Couldn’t be happier with the result.


I asked a few friends to see who they would recommend getting a cage from and 90% of them said go to AGI Precision. I called Adam at AGI, told him what the car was used for, what I wanted in the back and we made up a design. My old cage was a Safety 21 6 point cage with no real strength in the back part. All it had was the back legs coming from the hoop. The front was also pretty soft, only having the front legs, which had 3 bends, and a roof bar.


Instead of having just two backstays like my old bolt in cage, I now have a main hoop X and also a harness bar. Looks amazing!


I chose to only go half cage, partially because of the cost, but also in the long run I want to have a cage welded in rather than bolted in. Maybe add some bars and have it welded to the strut towers to make it a little more rigid. For now I’ll stick with this half cage until the car is finished off, plus after everything it looks awesome!


I’ll be at a track day this coming weekend so a good chance to test it out on a full track. Then next week I have a big suprise for my steering setup, can’t wait to get it over here and in the car.


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