Wet Pan Skids

Here’s a quick recap of what happened at my last drift day.


It was the same layout and setup as the last one run by Driving Sports. I organised to head out with Maverick and Nathan again for some more tandems, Brad couldn’t make it this time so it was only a three man group.

The only change I made to the car was a new half cage and an Optima dry cell battery. Everything else was still the same and going strong.


There were a few mishaps throughout the day, Nathan’s exhaust fell off in the morning, Maverick ended up plowing through a few cones with his front bar and I took some paint off my rear bar from the billboard, other than that everything was awesome.


One thing I noticed is that Nathan’s lock is ridiculous and he is on stock knuckles! From what I remember, he has longer tie rods and that’s it.


I’ve been ordering bits for my steering setup over the past few weeks so I should have some extra lock soon. Winton is only a week away now, really hope I have everything before I head out, it will make driving so much more fun.

Here’s a few more tandem pics.




The next day we do will most likely be on main track in the dry, I need to do a few major things before I head out, new handbrake because any day now my stock one is going to fail completely. Also need to get my steering setup in, a new exhaust because mine has a hole in it from when the tyre exploded at Wakefield. I think that should be about it.

I made a video recap of the day and put it up during the week. Click the pic below to check it out..


Can’t wait for the next day, I think one day we will all end up crashing into each other.

Enjoy the vid!


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