Winton Summer Matsuri 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 of matsuri at Winton. More awesome pictures, cool stories and a broken gearbox.


Saturday was a pretty crazy day, 12 hours of drifting and tonnes of wrecked tyres. For a lot of people, sunday was sort of the ‘go out and smash everything’ day. I was more into making the car last as long as possible and getting rid of all my tyres so I didn’t have to carry them home.


First few sessions were awesome, still trying to get the hang of my new steering setup I wasn’t driving the best and had a few close calls with ripple strips. Those things are like mountains.


One thing I have been meaning to mention is my new roll cage setup. Since last matsuri, to make the car a little more rigid (and eligible to drive) I put in a new half cage and also some new coilovers. Coilovers being 12/10kg instead of 8/6kg I had last matsuri and my cage is a 6 point half with double crossbar and harness bar. Suprisingly it feels much more stiff than my old full cage. Admittedly it has more bars in a smaller space, but is only in the rear half of the car instead of the previous one being a full cage. It’s definitely more of a raw drift car now being a lot more rough with the new bits.


I think the next few things I need to work on are some brakes, because stock 180sx brakes just suck. Had to come in and let my fluid cool down a little bit, then went straight back out to get a few more runs in, still had no brakes!


Some pretty epic shots from the whole weekend, these two are some of my favourites.



If you missed it in my previous post, on saturday I went over a ripple strip which ripped off my lip and in turn made me run over it. I managed to throw it back on the car but it only lasted a few sessions before coming off somewhere. Still had the best time though!


So after the lip coming off, I thought everything would be all sweet for the rest of the day and I would take it easy. Even taking it easy, Mr Gearbox had a different idea and decided he would break. Halfway through my last session for the day, going through the sweeper, little CA box decided to explode. Ever since building the car I knew this would happen, this is the second one it’s destroyed (first one was on the dyno) and after this it’s time to look into new options. CA boxes were never really capable of holding anything over about 220kw.
I’ve been researching it quite a bit the past few weeks and have come up with a few options, hopefully I can have something sorted soon, really want to get back out and driving again.

So jumped behind the tow truck, pulled the car into the garage and sat down for a bit.





Loaded up all my tools, spare set of wheels, the 180sx and headed back to the motel ready for the drive back the next day. Going from a stiff as hell drift car with solid bucket seats and rock hard suspension, to a comfy, quiet and aircon fitted car is the best feeling after a long weekend.

Stagea 8

A long ass drive back home and I was ready to hit the bed again. Even fell asleep at work the next day which was a bit of a fail.
Anyway, that’s my summer matsuri recap! Just as good as last time and awesome organisation from the VicDrift dudes. The next matsuri is at the end of the year in november and I’m planning to be back there with a new box setup, some new brakes including a hydro setup and maybe the final bit to my aero puzzle.

I’m still working away on my video recap so keep an eye on my Vimeo page and it should be up real soon.

I’ll leave this here, SO MUCH CAMBER!



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