Stagea – GTR Stoppers

A couple weeks ago I found the perfect set of brakes, exactly what I’d been hunting for.


For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a brake upgrade on the Stagea. The stock brakes are pretty average, especially when I have a car on a trailer behind me. The shuddering was getting to the point of failure so thought I better get them onto the car sooner rather than later.


They are R33 GTR calipers with a pair of DB5000 two piece rotors on the front with EBC blue pads. The rears are only stock rotors for now with some EBC red pads, but will soon enough get a pair of DB4000 rotors for the extra bit of stopping power.

The best bit about these is what car they came off. For anybody who knows a bit about japanese time attack and car building, you will know this car very well. I turned up at the workshop to pick everything up and saw them sitting in front of it..


To those who don’t know, that is the Top Secret R33 GTR. This thing was built by Smokey Nagata in Japan quite a few years back and was brought over as the pace car for last years world time attack. Has 1000hp to it as well!

So in place of the old brakes they were putting on some HUGE Alcon ones, I’m suprised it still had stock brakes on, you’d want bigger stuff so you can pull up with all that power. I feel like my car has taken on a little bit of time attack history now.

Got them home, unpacked and checked over, looking pretty sweet. Then got the fronts on just in time for me to head down to Winton for matsuri. The new stopping power is awesome! And they also fit behind my standard wheels! So much better than the stock setup and now I’m 100% confident when I’m towing.


The rears weren’t a straight bolt on unfortunately, so I’ll have to do a little more research on what I can do to make them fit. Might need an adaptor plate for the calipers or something similar.

Either way, fronts are on and I’m happy with them!


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