S15 – Fat Fitment Photoshoot

It’s been a while since this car has had some action, so me and the guys from Fat Fitment gave it the love it needed.

S15 54

My S15 has been a little abandoned lately, which kills me to see. Ever since I sold my house a few months ago, it has been in storage in Sydney doing nothing. While I get all my things sorted in Melbourne (which is taking painfully longer than expected) it sits under a car cover next to my S13 feeling lonely.


I spoke to Mick from Fat Fitment as his photographer Josh was heading to Sydney for a little vacation and wanted to do a photoshoot. I said I’d be happy to organise something with my S15 if he wanted to.

Sorted out a day and time and sunday morning Josh called me to meet up. We decided on the storage warehouse where the car actually stays so worked out pretty awesome!

S15 55

This dude knows how to work a camera like a pro.

S15 56

We tried to get a bit of a height advantage to get some cool shots. Here’s one of the best. (used a forklift)


Another good bit of news, I mentioned I was heading up to Queensland for matsuri in october so we will organise to catch up again and maybe get some shots of the 180sx. Think I might crash at his place seeing how he is 15 minutes from the track!

S15 58

After some inside shots, we went to try some rolling shots. Felt awesome to actually drive this thing again, it seemed like years since I’d driven it so much.

S15 59

I really hope once I have more time and the space to keep this car where I want it, I can drive it more often. It kills me to see it sitting in storage doing nothing but get older, and I don’t want to be one of those guys that eventually sells up to fund other things.

This car will be with me for many, many more years.

S15 53


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