RB26 S13 – Subframe Overhaul Finished

I find it hard to believe I’m finally posting about my S13’s subframe again after so long. Being long overdue, here’s the final post.


With the 180sx undrivable and unfixable until new parts come in, I figured I may as well work on my S13 and get it moving again. Rather than start a new job I wanted to get my subframe finished off, seeing how it was a half finished job when it went back into the car. So I pulled it down, stripped it of all the stock arms and 4 stud gear and got it ready to paint again.


It wasn’t in the greatest of shape after having the driveshafts constantly rubbing and hitting it because of the no diff issue. Half of the rust coat that I put on last year had come off.

I did two coats of primer to start off.


Then hit it with three coats of lime green, which came up a lot better than I expected!


Looks so juicy in green, can’t wait to paint all the other bits this colour! I also managed to paint my LCA’s black to go with the rest of the arms.

I got it inside after drying off, brought out my fresh SPL arms and the 5 stud setup and started piecing it all together.


Then got out the final bits, Nismo 2way diff and my PBM solid subframe risers. Finally finished up and ready to go back in the car!


So now that its all back in the car, I can tick off one of the major things for the car and move onto the next part. I still have to get rid of all the sound deadening inside, then prep it for some paint. I’m hoping the 180sx will be back and ready to go in the next few weeks so I’ll try and get as much work into the S13 as possible.


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