RB26 S13 – To Do List

I’ve been working on the RB26 S13 build over the past couple months, but not much of it has been work on the car itself.


Lately most of my hours I have spent researching parts, setups and what will work best for the car without breaking my bank account. I’ve also been trying to find somewhere to send it for paint when I’m ready.

When I go over everything it needs, it doesn’t seem like much but when I actually start to do the work, it seems to never end!

To run it down into points, I still have to –

Rub back the whole interior including the cage so it’s ready to be painted. This has to be the worst bit about the build, all the hours of rubbing off the little bits of surface rust is going to kill me.


I’ve got to finish off my suspension setup which means ordering my knuckles and coilovers. I’m also going to send off a pair of S15 LCA to C’s Garage again to get extended. Once I have these, I’ll be done for the suspension bits, but it won’t happen overnight. After the gearbox swap in the 180sx, I’m nearly at $0 for spending money, so these final bits for the suspension will have to wait a little while.

One major thing I have wanted to do since starting this build is a tube front end. Not only because the rad support was a little bent, but to make it easier to pull out the engine if I ever have to. It would also mean everything would be perfectly straight and like new.


As for engine work, I don’t want to go over the top, so I’ll only be putting on things to help reliability and help it make a bit more power than stock. I want to keep it stock internally until something decides to give up, then I’ll decide wether or not to go crazy and build everything or just get another motor.

The last thing I need done is to have the whole car painted inside, outside and engine bay. I’m yet to find the right shop for the job, but this won’t be for quite a while so it’s not something I’m super worried about at the moment. This is going to be the most expensive part of the build so I think I’ll have to wait until I’m close to the end to afford it.

At the start of last year I did have the ambition to have the car running by now and a lot closer to completion. But after a few setbacks with other things and spending half a year focusing on the 180sx, things were put on hold for a bit. This year I’m pretty set on spending more time on the car and getting it closer and closer to being track ready. Once I have enough dollars saved to pay for everything I need done, I’ll be ready to go. The first thing I want to finish is the suspension bits and have it moving. Then I can tick that off my list and move onto the next big part.

Also, one thing I haven’t spoken about too much is the wheels I have planned for the car. I have ordered them and as I write this they are on a ship on their way over to me. I have six so far and plan to order another pair in the future when I’m ready.

The wheels are huge, that’s about all I’ll say. More updates when they get closer to me and also more on the car soon. This year and the next is going to be awesome if all goes to plan.


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