180sx – Wakefield Private Day

After finishing up the 180sx with it’s new gearbox setup, I only had a few days to spare until heading to Wakefield for a private day. A couple setbacks came up, but I still got to do a bit of driving.

2013-05-22 08.07.02 pm

This was the first drift day I’d done since blowing the gearbox at Winton back in February so it had been a while, but, I was super keen to get back out and rip shit up!


Stopped off at BP Marulan to fill up fuel, get some snacks and finish the trip. We met up with a few friends who stayed the night close to the track (too lazy to wake up early on the day) and convoyed out to Wakefield. Got there just before driver’s briefing so unloaded the cars quickly and got a few things ready for first session.


At this point I was still running a stock handbrake. I took the one out of the S13 and put it in the 180sx just as a quick fix. I’m still planning on running a hydro handbrake, just need to finish mounting it up. I think I have the right spot for it, it’s going to be really tight with the switch panel ad gearshift, but it should all work properly by the time I’m done. I just need to weld the base to a plate then weld the plate to the chassis.


The first session was good for about 10 minutes, then after a few corners my handbrake cable gave up. It wasn’t locking at all so I went back to the pits and pulled apart the rear calipers with Shaun (friend that came down with me) so we could adjust the pistons out. Went back out and the first pull it was like a brand new factory handbrake, then every time after that, back to the shitty old handbrake.

I only did a couple of runs on the big circuit layout due to being in the pits for almost three hours. Later in the day they switched it up to short track which is definitely my favourite of the three layouts. The entry and first hairpin is so awesome if you nail it properly.


Also didn’t get much of a chance to get many pics, it was only a private day so weren’t any photographers out like there is at a Matsuri or a big event like that.

I took a few screen caps from my GoPro footage because I didn’t get any other pics. Some of the footage is pretty crap, but better than nothing I guess. Video recap got put up yesterday, check it out here – Wakefield Drift Day

I did a few good runs on short track and footage was pretty decent. A bit of smoke, some angle and some good CA noise.

Unfortunately by the end of it I had to pull in as my turbo return line kept coming loose and leaking so better to be safe and stop.

Overall the day was run awesome, bit of a shame I wasn’t out there for half of it but next time I will have everything sorted and will be ready to shred all day.

Everyone came in, loaded everything up and headed home. I put the car back into storage for a bit, then didn’t touch it for a couple weeks.


Lately I’ve fixed everything and am in the process of mounting my hydro handbrake this week. I’ve got a BMC coming soon and I’ll be putting a full set of R33 GTR Brembo’s on to make the car stop better. I just need some braided brake lines and some new fluids, then I’ll be almost ready to head out again. I think soon enough I might get a new set of suspension arms, the current ones in the car are looking pretty worn out and I think a toe arm might possibly be bent as it was fouling on the subframe. But first up I want to get the brakes done and sorted, then I can move onto the next bit.

I’ll have some big updates with the S13 coming up. Just waiting on a couple small bits to turn up so I can put everything in and put it on the ground.

Getting excited to see how it will look with the VSXX on.


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